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Brian Murphy here and my friends at amichis east coast, pizzeria of a couple of cool things going on for Father's Day this year, I want to take dad to dine in at any amichi's location on Father's Day, and get a free ten piece order of their flame roasted chicken wings, when you tell them Brian Murphy from Camby are sent you. If you can't make it to amichis on Sunday between now. And then if you buy a fifty dollar amichis gift card for dad in store or online. They'll give you an extra ten dollar gift card for free. So either way, when your dad deserves a treat for Father's Day, amichi's delivers Bonnie Jill laflin here for Certa pro painters. Now, summer, weather, always gives us a great opportunity to increase the value of the largest investment that most of us have. Well, it's our home painting. A quick cost effective way to increase your home's value. Certapro painters painted my half and they did such a great job. And they were so easy to work with ice. Schedule an appointment online. It came to the house gave me an estimate, and it was a great price. They did really high quality work and their service, who was fantastic. I highly recommend them summer is a busy time for exterior project. So get a spot on certapro painters, summer schedule while they're still availability. You can schedule your free estimate online at certapro dot com. That's Certa with a C pro dot com or call eight hundred go thirty eight certapro painter's business is independently owned and operated right here in our community. So call them at eight hundred go Certa or visit certapro dot com. Certapro painters, we do painting, you do life contractor license number eight three, seven three, one to the IRS doesn't mess around if they want your money they'll take it. They can take your paycheck and Bank accounts, too, even threaten your home or business. Don't take on the IRS alone. If you owe back taxes smartest thing. Can do is call Optima Tax Relief. The experts at Optima specialize in a powerful IRS tax assistance program called the fresh start initiative, and their clients that qualify are saving thousands, even tens of thousands. One call starts the process to stop the demand, letters, stop aggressive collection, actions, and stop the IRS from targeting you. But don't delay. It's important to.

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