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Welcome to kiss. Miss and mysteries signed their host kid chrome today the urban legend of mary bloods worth and this concerns. The urban legend bloody mary stunning in the bathroom chanting looking in the mirror. I've done a story on this before the brought it up to the twenty first century but this is a little more background and history with an interesting and most people have heard of the legend about bloody mary. A woman that was murdered in the seventeen hundreds for giving birth to a baby that was fatherless. The story of bloody. Mary begins with the village condemning her baby to death while mary watched in horror and then each person the village slash mary's face while she was forced to watch yourself being caught up in a mirror there are several different rituals of bringing mary back but the most popular standing in front of a mirror with three candles lit and chanting the phrase bloody mary. I have killed your baby so come back. This must be chatted ten times and on the tenth time bloody. Mary is summoned but only comes to the chanter chantiers mirror but she said to be a vicious vengeful ghost which urban legend says we'll either violently flasher face drive the person insane that summoned her or scratch. That person's is out. Pull you into the mirror to live with her. I rest of your life or by chance you managed to escape perdue. She will haunt you every time you are of a mirror. Wow the ritual was most popular in the nineteen seventies during girls. Pajama parties of men are known to have tried the ritual. Also in one story girl tried the ritual and set at the end. I don't believe in mary and she fell and broke her hip right after. Is this coincidence. Maybe give it a go yourself. If you're truly brave enough to face. Bloody mary the most important part beside the candles and the chanting is the mirror. Most use bathroom there because generally they are l- arm or large enough to make the ritual work other dark rooms have large mirrors and they will work to why mirror. Well it's rumored that as thirty more villagers individually slashing. Mary's face when she died her spirit was trapped inside the realm of a mirror after several of the villagers have mysteriously died by viciously b.'s. Slashed in the face or came up missing. It was the man that originally impregnated mary that realized. Mary was trapped inside the mirror. He managed to get the mirror and buried it in marriage. Grave next to her baby's grave as time went by the mirror eventually was destroyed us leaving the vengeful spirit of bloody mary forever trapped in mirror image. Mary bloods worth live. Deep in the forest in a tiny cottage and sold herbal remedies for living villagers living in town nearby called her mary worthington and said she was a witch. She was a very beautiful woman. Most of the men in the nearby village were enchanted by her. All the women in the village were jealous of mary. Many taunted her saying she was ugly and would never marry never had any children then. Young girls in the village began to disappear one by one. No one could find out what happened to them or where they'd gone. Grief-stricken searched the woods the local stores and all the houses and barns but there was no sign of the missing girls. A few brave souls even want to marries home in the woods to see if the which had taken the girls but she denied any knowledge of their disappearance still was noted that one of the men had been seen several times of mary's home. The neighbors were suspicious but he told everyone that he was going there to try. And discover the truth and hopefully trick. Mary into telling him where she was hiding the children. They could find no proof that mary had taken their young ones then came the night when the daughter of the sawmill owner rose from her bed and walked outside following an enchanted sound. No one else could hear the mill. Owner's wife had a toothache and was sitting up in the kitchen treating her tooth with an herbal remedy. What her daughter left the house. She yelled for her husband. Followed the girl out of the house. Her husband came running in his bed clothes and tried to restrain the girl but she kept breaking away in heading out of town. The desperate cries father and mother woke villagers. They came to help. The frantic couple suddenly a former yelled out and pointed to a strange glowing light at the edge of the woods. A few townsman followed him out into the field of saw mary standing beside a large tree holding a magic wand that was pointed towards the mill. Owner's house she was glowing with an unearthly light as she set her evil spell. Upon the miller's daughter the townsman grab

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