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Seeks question even do exist. Own lives as the word. Got the job. World is. Generally world is genuine. My name is Daryl. Yeah. I'm here with my wife came. Also known as and canon. Use colour canon, Kenan, they go Kevin Kennon I think, as the first one couldn't say are controlled Karen, so I was cannon among other names. I have a lot of names you do. Fifty fifty is your social media name? And now everybody caused that. All the. Actually some. There are some people that don't realize my name, isn't ready. I love him. Ask you, your name's shitty. Is it really? No, it's nickname. Oh, it's how'd you get that nickname? And the funniest. The funniest is when I tried to get Syria to call me fifty. How did you couldn't do it? You could say Siri, call me something so that when you address her, or when you ask her something she can dress, you as whatever you want. So she was like, okay, fifty. And then I was like, no fifty fifty. Okay. Big tea, and I'm like, no fit like I literally could not do it. It's crazy. Yeah. I'm gonna I'm gonna have to try again, call me. Call me name, okay. Big teeth. Nice. Something. Big. And we also have. Bacon and eggs, I'm also he's and use that used to call me Dolly. Yeah. Married. He said, I was your Dali. Yeah. Karen, you telling way too much. I'm not gonna call you Dahlie on this show. Maybe some other time but not here on this show. Karen what I want to know is why do I get so motion. When I watch America's got talent. Whenever the person gets the golden buzzer. Man, try not to cry. Choked up. I cry after almost every. I guess every person that does. Well, I guess. Yeah. Well, a lot of cry cry. Well, a lot of times, they have people on the show that, like, you know, they'll tell you, they're hard luck story, you know, or they tried to make it when they're younger older backup singer backup dancer. They wanna be a star. That's nice like the, the one all few ladies have said this, actually, they, they just stopped into care of their kids. And then now they have some free time again. I was thinking, that's, that's. That was the right thing to do. I think it's because the underdog story like appeals to. Too many people. Yeah. Oh, the come from behind win or somebody who has had a disease or sick or in a car accident. Or they lost a loved one, and now they're there to, to honor their loved one. But that I think that just shows that were made in the image of God. And we know the underdog story of fallen nature fallen, man, that needs deamer needs a hero. And that person is Christ. And even even the story of the gospel, like our hero king like all his disciples think he's gonna take over right there and become king. Then he dies on the cross, and you know, and he's dead. He's in the grave. And then he comes back story that, that we all love, you know, he didn't just come and just became, you know, like he came and you had to die are death and it look it looks defeat it and then he's in the great for three days in rises again. And now he's risen and he is king. And he'll come back, he's gonna come back in triumph when the gospel goes to the whole world. But we see that we see that in movies, too, you know, so it's not just, you know, America's got talent or shows like that the appeal to us, and that's why a lot of people watch these shows, but we see all the superhero movies that come out or even passer, Luke talks a little bit about Harry Potter in one of his, his sermons. And when I first saw Harry Potter like the whole series in how spoiler alert Harry has to die in order to defeat the evil dark Lord Volta mortar. And then he comes back I said, the same. Not be named. And then he comes back, so you see that gospel story in, in the writings, I don't, I don't know if Jay Rowlings Christian Mitch you might even grew up in that background. But we see that and then apparently a story to like wasn't she homeless? And maybe like she came from nothing. I think and just Man, I don't know. I don't know one wire how but. In again, the marvel superhero movies that are out DC. We see these heroes that. Look like they're being sacrificial or that are being. Saying official like putting their lives on the line. And I think something happens in endgame, where one of the I don't want to see and talk more about examined seen it. But I don't I don't know. know. I think it's that, like perseverance endurance thing too. It's like. Eared through all this offering. And, you know all these trials and on still here. So it's like even even sports. I think a lot of people watch sports. That. I'm a Mets fan. So my baseball teams always the underdog, even when they signed great talented players. They're not gonna wins when they do. It's like, oh, look at this they want, but I probably will never see him win the World Series whatever. You never know. I'm not I'm not as obsessed anymore care over. I know. It's been a while, but we're not talking going to have the whole episode on that, but it was something I was thinking about because we just watched the America talent. And like every time, it's on I'm like, there's always one moment. So I'm used to be so mean now. But we're just going to do an episode kind of giving you a heads up the listeners out there, a couple of guests, we have coming on hopefully in July. I know I know they have a busy schedule. And it's hard to nail these guests down, and we keep saying we're gonna have guests on. We're gonna have guests on. But people are busy, they have lives, and we'll get some guests on here, but we're going to have. Choline sharp from theology gals. She's going to be a guest and she, she. Is available in July. She said, so, so we'll get her on. And she's gonna talk about discernment. Especially the sermon in, in women's ministry, 'cause her podcast, addresses, a lot of it's not just a discernment podcast that she has. She talks a lot about theology, a lot about reform theology from Presbyterian perspective. Suggestion Peter's podcast, we're still waiting for the decay on the stern. You Justin Peters when his is going to be discernment either specific he's going to talk about. But it's more of a bible teaching podcast. I'm sure topics like that will come up with him. Yeah, I'm not sure when that is coming out. I believe Andrew reports been on his case still waiting forward. Nick Swayne for some music. We will get him on. Hey. Choline together on discernment on the servant. I don't know probably hard to nail both in down for the same time, but we'll see. We'll see. We'll see what happens, but it's important to be discerning. I'm just gonna read from Philippians. Paul writes about the sermon is Philippians chapter one versus nine to eleven from the NAS be the non Armenian standard bible, or new American standard by and word. Have got says and this I pray that your love may be may abound, still more and more in real knowledge and all discernment so that you may approve the things that are excellent in order to be sincere and blameless until the day of Christ having been filled with the fruit of righteousness, which comes through Jesus Christ to the glory and praise of God. So Paul wants us to be. I'm sorry. He wants us to have real knowledge in all discernment, so that may be proved things that are excellent. So we need to discern the things that are excellent to know what is good to learn from. And what is not what is good. To edify us as Christians encourage us to the cycle in our walk and the things that aren't good things that we should stay away from. So why would you say discernment is important? Well, the sermon this is like, I think the thing that I think about most often because there's so much out there. There's so many Christian influencers and there's. I think it's so easy to not know how to discern, especially now, like because there's so many popular pastors and there's so many like celebrity passers, I guess you'd say and there's so many books out there and, and had you know, you know. But I think it's important because. You could really be let us stray pretty easily. By the wrong message, you know. Yeah. And even like. You know, I wouldn't necessarily say that people who listen to bad teachers. We're not saying they're not Christians or even the false. Teachers may. In some cases be Christian, but. We have to be careful, you know, God wants us to discern. He wants us to know what's good and solid, and then everybody has one hundred percent right? But there are things that we can know and there's good teaching there's bad teaching and is important that we, we teach each other, you know, especially as husband wife is a family to be in the word to know what is good. And what is false and I think I've shared that quote before, from Spurgeon, basically, he says, discernment isn't knowing the -sarily knowing right from wrong. But right from almost right. And that's why it's where it's hard like you're saying, there's so many things out there that are from this Christian world from different teachers here and there that make it sound almost right? And that's when it's most dangerous when it's not as obvious what their teaching is wrong. Some discernment bloggers and posters posters hoaxers could contend to go overboard, where that's all they do is just, you know, find the false teacher. Find the false teacher when that's not that's not necessarily good thing to do this calling out names constantly, we should call out names because we want to warn warn the flock. You know, we're not to go ultimately, we can't. Always convince people that certain teachers are bad. All's we can do is show them the evidence in God guide them in the correct way to go. But it's just sad. I dunno breaks my heart. When when good solid Christians are following false. Teachers reading in promoting false books and order, they quote them. And it's like, well what does that mean in context is that? Is that quote true? But it sound was true. And again, that's the discernment part like this is almost true. But what's the foundation underneath of.

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