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Term stretch four if all you do is shoot 3pointers you've got to be able to post up in the low post otherwise you put a six two guy out three point and or klay thompson and shoot 3point shots at that's all you're going to do but if you're going to go one this quarter lowpost when you have a vis match that's terrific and biko's midwood at much better this used the back built to louie's this week one statement about you coin of the bash brothers idea what if you talk to nego and bobby they wanna move on they want to move forward the there they do not want to deal with this anymore would people ask me questions about what happened in training camp and whatnot and i think it's maturity on both parts and your i'm going to take them for their face value that they really just want to play ball and when they're on the floor they're professionals in the locker room they have responsibility outside of that they go their separate ways i get that spawn but i think they've done a really good since we could return for three games there passing the ball the one another there are talking to one another that's all you can ask my wrong bill you told me though you're absolutely right but i was i had three fights with teammate smile fistfights will also punches every other ones are ex no ever got really hurt you just move on the problem is as long as people keep talking about the few relevant but just you'll have to talk about anymore i agree to why did you talk about it won't be goes steve other steve let you okay william's over here from china winger on but baking your point you talked about it is so good so i talked about tweets they don't matter oh jerry.

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