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Terry Rawson has dealt with years of trauma. But now for the very first time she is opening up with twenty twenty and as a mom of two. She says she wants to tell her own story tonight. So many details including the big stunner. How he got caught? You can see that all tonight on ABC's twenty twenty KOMO four at nine o'clock. The president of Mexico says he has a plan to stop the alarming rate of murders. In Tijuana, president Andres Manuel Lopez Oberdorf wants to stop his country's drug war by creating a national guard. Most of the murders in the border town are happening due to low level drug dealers fighting over territory over doors proposed plan would have members of the military patrolling neighborhoods detaining suspects and investigating crimes new data shows that Tijuana is one of the deadliest cities in the world with around twenty five hundred homicides last year. Jason. Padania reporting three heroes receive a special honor after warning terror attack in France in two thousand fifteen ABC's Todd ant with details. Spencer stone, Alex Carlos and Anthony sadly had been granted French citizenship for their role in stopping a gunman on a French train over three years ago. They were naturalized Thursday at a ceremony in Sacramento. The honors presented by the consul general of France in San Francisco and the honorary consul of France in Sacramento, the freemen were traveling from Amsterdam to Paris during a trip in Europe when they helped subdue a man who opened fire inside a train. Authorities say the attacker had ties to radical Islam Scarlato says a former member of the Oregon national guard stone a former airman first class in the air force. Todd ant ABC news. Komo news time twelve fifty and our propel insurance money news. Here's Jim Cesco. Make it one hundred straight months of hiring increases. The Labor Department says the US added three hundred four thousand.

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