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Right and that's what drives me insane like pita i told you guys we're gonna get me on a rant you calls this rachel so brought my snacks joseph and join the show and that's what drives me insane about place like pita pita has one of the highest kill rates in their shelters ever like eighty plus percent kill rate and they're against e collars were a lot of those dogs they had put down could have been fixed rehabilitated rehome with the proper use of other training tool such as ecotourism prong collars pita says as those are cruel devices so we would rather hill the dog and stead of us one of those mean devices that's like how crazy and governments it's not just pita that's that scotland a saying that you k parliament or whatever the fuck they call it over there maybe that's what i don't know that's what they're saying is these these devices are so cruel and and humane that killing the dog is a better solution than using low level stimulation help work the dog through this and go over overcome their issue is that's literally what they're saying they're just so ignorant so stupid that they don't know that they're saying that so rachel i hope that answers question jesus good to be that on cover and we follow that lord you covered it miranda has a question i wanted to touch on how would you guys work with the dog who is showing voidance example when work in with look at me he specifically looks around voiding all i contact no matter what i would say guys don't mind go first on this one so i don't lose my train of thought i would say that you have to listen to your dog he's he's telling you something now i know that that that sounds insane but there's a reason in you just it's a puzzle you know miranda you just gotta figure out the the missing piece to the puzzle and i promise you it's probably something extremely simple it could be simply enough that the the h vr that you're using doesn't hold high enough value when you're working on the look at me command do you know if you're using kibble and your dogs a slow eater and you know maybe he leaves some of his food during brechfa.

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