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The deep programming I think is not the politically correct term I think the radicalization is the term that these consultants and nonprofits prefer But it's this idea that people who fall into extreme belief systems can be talked out of it and treating these extreme belief systems And they really run the gamut from radical Islam radical islamism to kind of far right white nationalist type extremism And as you say they're treating it like an addiction And it's something that these people are compelled to do And one of the most interesting things in this article to me that the main character enemies are really breathtaking story and I don't want to ruin the whole thing But the main character who's a young man who has fallen in with various extreme ideologies he bounces between ideologies It's not like he embraces radical Islam but then he falls into sort of far right White nationalist type behavior And then he gets into snakes you know And so it's just this thing where I think the Internet in particular has exploited vulnerabilities that some percentage of population have where they're just drawn to these ideologies Internet kind of turbochargers it All right that's max Jeff Features that are Bloomberg business speaker special double issue the persuasion issue it's out on newsstands and online now Coming up retired four star general Stan McChrystal on the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and dealing with risks in all walks of life feel listening to Bloomberg businessweek.

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