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Yeah if your life was full of obligations and things that you didn't want to do. This was a lovely reset period. Because you can sort of see like i guess. The world doesn't end if i don't do that right. Isn't that freeing moment where you're just like oh neat. Yeah yup so. Let's jump into your book how to be fearless and like i mentioned earlier. There's a lot of drawings and diagrams and words. But i want to start with a line from pretty early in the book which says that buried inside. Every fear is a hope. Say more about that. Yes absolutely so what you are afraid of is. What's stopping you from getting to where you need to be and what you are afraid of is something that is a barrier between you and where you're happy and comfortable and powerful again and i keep going back to the idea of fear in researching this book and reading all sorts of psychological papers and documents and other books about the idea of being afraid. It all really came down to you. Don't have to be brave if you're not fighting anything and so just being focused on okay. This is what i'm after. And this is what. I'm going to do all of a sudden the things that are rounded or behind it or getting in your own way really disappear because you focus instead on the actual reason that you're trying to do something i've heard a different phrasing of that from teacher of acceptance commitment therapy and i think the phrase he used was our values and vulnerability sort of come out of the same vessel had a lot of alliteration to it but it speaks to this basic idea. That you know vulnerabilities can tell us what's valuable to us. What matters to us. Yeah it brings up the idea of the metaphor of the pearl or of a scar tissue that just because something has happened to..

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