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Minutes on TLP Sports at 15 and 45 powered by Red River Technology decisions aren't black and white Think red It's two 15 on Let's see if we can check in now with Dave Preston Washington's picking up the pieces of another broken season yesterday's loss officially eliminating the burgundy and gold from postseason contention The team wraps up the season by visiting the New York Giants in 6 days head coach Ron Rivera We want to try and set a tone early on and see what happens But at some point just understand we'd like to see some guys And if there's guys that you want to see specifically make sure we plan that out and we map it out We go and do it You want to go out with You really do and you want to play the win But you also want to play the future Giants have already wrapped up last place in the NFC east Monday Night Football is Pittsburgh facing Cleveland steelers need a win to stay in contention the browns were eliminated yesterday check out rob wood forks NFL recap on the sports page at WT dot com NBA wizard so Charlotte this evening hornets have won both games played between the two teams this year 7 p.m. start on 1500 a.m. NHL capitals right until Friday's trip to St. Louis men's college basketball Americans came with Lafayette slated for tomorrow has been postponed due to COVID concerns within the eagles program AU guard Elijah Stevens takes patriot league rookie of the week honors Baylor remains number one in this week's top 25 Maryland is inaction this evening at Iowa that is a 9 o'clock tip off the turf's next home game is flooded for Sunday and that will be played at 7 30 against Wisconsin fans 12 and older must have proof of vaccination or a negative test within 48 hours of the game women's basketball Maryland slips to tenth in this week's writers ranking Steve Preston WTP sports All righty thank you Dave after traffic and weather What this meant for local roads and how many crashes people were involved in will break it all down It is two 17 Whether you run your local bookstore or the neighborhood boutique that everyone.

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