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Good morning, the federal treasure. It doesn't expect Australia's international borders to reopen until at least next year. Josh Fried. Enberg is preparing to reveal his third budget on Tuesday as Australia tries to chart its economic course out of the covert 19 pandemic. Australia's international borders have been closed since March, 2020 in a bid to stop coronavirus ripping through the community in the way it's done overseas. Mr Freiberg says the budget forecasts are based on Borders remaining closed for some time yet, but we have an assumption based on the borders, opening it in 2022. But again, we're gonna follow the health advice. Meanwhile, the federal opposition is urging the government to use next week's budget as an opportunity to pursue economic reforms. Treasurer Josh Fried Enberg says 105,000 Australians came off income support last month despite the withdrawal of the job, keep a wage subsidy. Said. Our treasurer Jim Chalmers says that's welcome news but shouldn't be used as an excuse for avoiding broader economic support. Even if the recession wasn't as bad as many economists feel. It doesn't mean that the recovery can't be better. And the economy will be recovering more strongly were it not for the vaccines, debacle and other mistakes that the government is made, and the budget would be in better condition If it wasn't riddled with Ross and weighed down with white City diners could soon wipe up to $100 off. The bill was part of a $200 million plan to revive Melbourne CBD Stephanie Ferry reports The state government will spend $7.4 million on a 20% rebate scheme for dining in the city and another $100 million on boosting outdoors. Joining as part of the Melbourne City Revitalization Fund. There'll be no limits on households and interstate visitors can also apply for a rebate. The Melbourne City Council is also adding $100 million to the fund and will increase arts and cultural events. It's hoped the measures will entice people back into the CBD that struggled after covert lockdowns. Leading Social Web welfare agency says federal and state governments can't blame private landlords for the nation's rental hardship Crisis and Anglo Care Australia survey shows 89% of its agencies have clients have been asked to vacate their homes, while 50% say their clients are turning to payday lenders to cover their debts. And the care Australia executive director Kasey Chambers says private landlords have their own issues and can't be expected to cover for a lack of government investment and fairness. We can't really always expect a private individual landlord actually go without their income, and that's one of the arguments we have about asking the private market provide affordable housing. It's not something that we can outsource. We have a crisis like this on this people are all ends of this for hurting. At least four people are dead and one injured after a shooting and explosion at a house in the U. S. State of Maryland. Baltimore County police officials say they arrived at the home after reports of a fire and active shooter. The gunman was found outside the Heim and shot dead by police. Scotland's first minister Nicola Sturgeon has fallen short of a majority, but she'll still pursue a referendum for independence. Europe correspondent NIC Door reports. The Scottish National Party has been returned of foreign historic fourth term but fell just short of a majority. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said there was clear support for pro independence parties. And he's warned the UK parliament against blocking a new referendum. You're picking a faith with the Democratic wishes off.

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