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Five fifty nineteen thirty very confusing not more confusing than Joe's explanation of the NBA playoff format but still I read it straight from loads and I'm not sure I understand it either single elimination double elimination nine seats twenty two teams right thirteen four one conference nine for many others yes okay and probably they say because of how the standings fell really maybe it's that those extra western teams have stars like Saigon you get some of those guys into this thing so we can watch it so I said no the NBA's not above that like you know the we've all been over the NHL Montreal the Rangers Chicago you know drove through twenty fourteen so what do you look they'll make it so yeah I can I can understand me and be a wanted to get the exact amount for example and if I if I will get back to drew Brees if I just felt more sympathy for the sabers and I just have to admit that I just feel like no sympathy for them but if I did I would probably want to talk about how look it look it's just sort of it sucks because every playoff year that goes by in the Sabres already been in the playoffs who is the market watching the games the most it's it's us you know but hockey voice after hockey was even though fox today like well you know kind of a it wasn't his line it doesn't hurt by for that line from someone else but Montreal Chicago when the Rangers like there's sort of this no one wants to rule out at least that the sizes of those markets was part of the decision and here's buffalo what chance do we have all we do is watch the thing like crazy bye that doesn't count because we're still not big enough so I don't know like I I what what would I have liked them in the plane sure sure I also would have wanted to hear anybody tell me that they're like they're drought was over right because in the year they went to twenty four I don't know I don't even really about you thinking about this right now is just you don't want to hear that stuff if you're us you don't hear the you know this is this is a fairness is in is is the is the over fairness is the thing right now he always should be always should have been fairness is the thing right now and I did not making a I'm not at all meaning to make a comparison just fairness come on let's be fair let's be fair yeah and you know Montreal had what one more point than you okay that's golf course or whatever percentage more at what you do you know I don't yeah yeah I am not your clearinghouse for frustration about the sleepers getting job that all right whatever yeah they didn't deserve that even I'm not even committing to to watching you know Adam all of this who you know I I watch a lot of the players I know I don't watch all of it some of the games happen after ten PM so but still even even in this state that's still challenging for me so you know I don't know I I don't I definitely I I wouldn't like I would I wouldn't like to be critical of the Sabres fan who feels that way necessarily but I'm just I'm I couldn't be farther from that yup all right well thanks a breeze drew Brees says he will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag here we are having a prominent player put the Capper Nick protest in those terms again and it's not like everybody would have you know decided that it was wrong to just overnight but when I look at it and think about it I was having a conversation at home about about Capitec last night it's he was right his point was what people of color all right a greater risk and law enforcement does more to punish them than white people and so here's here is that point and now we are at at a time at a point in time where protests are happening all over the country and in some cases they're violent and we're talking about it again which is good and breeze even though like he sounded and why should Mimi sounded very sincere and well thought out about his position back to how are we interpreting what that protest was and it was not meant to do what here is breeze saying it did and I don't know it's like it's it's kind of like a step back to me L. especially shirt right now yeah I mean in the face of you know you've got athletes in all sports and and there's a little bit of a of a land rush I guess or or you know take rush if you will to like be heard and and be on the right side of this thing and it felt like maybe we can not naively I guess I would say for myself I thought okay we're done we're done having to debate that and I think in a sense maybe we are like I I don't know I'm not I'm I'm not really prepared to really engage in an argument about it because I don't think it's it's really an argument anymore I I think if you're arguing that you're you're you are lost gold gold read you know like pick it pay attention to what has been happening the last ten days in the country aged just seriously well don't call a talk show complaining about it because I don't know I I don't I don't I don't even want to waste my time anymore like we should be passed it and if we're not then shame shame on them shame on us shame shame on you know people who are pet you you you you should've listened enough by now to jet Li's comprehend that it was not your place to decide to be offended by that I or or at least to turn it into what it turned into but you don't have to agree with someone kneeling up before the flag or before the anthem is played mmhm but I don't think either you will because you're dead served in World War two were were your grandparents served in the military have the right to tell anyone else what the flag means to them that's what the country is it's open to interpretation so welcome to breeze wants to never respected okay I'm I'm listening to you I hear you go ahead and don't respect it but you should recognize I think the damage you're doing to moving this conversation forward by doing it because now people who want to make that point are going to cling to drew Brees like a life preserver and that is not going to be helpful to anything making progress ending protest some of which have turned violent right like three miles from where I'm talking to you right now it just doesn't help anything and and I think we should be trying to help and heal and find a way forward that is that that it that is positive and I think digging that argument up in in a very high profile manner just does not serve any of the greater good it looks it it it disagrees with my point of view so maybe that's easy for me to say but the thing you should be striving to do if you have a platform like the right I've said this if you like the book the little one we have here in buffalo New York or the one that drew Brees has talking on where was he put those Yahoo financial network a special network yeah I I'll go look for it when I'm done today whatever like you've got a platform try to have a positive affect and I just see no way and the reaction he's getting from prominent athletes I think tells you a lot yeah no I I I it's easy I think to get to a place where you know we've talked about this like all the all the different ways that add some not the ads I'm doing even like all these times it's an unprecedented time so you we've got all this sort of it is it's fashionable to be concerned right so you've got all these players and all the sports and all these teams and all these leaks everybody is issuing statements to make sure and some of them are direct and eloquent and make a lot of sense others I could read fifty times and never make sense of I'm talking to you the Washington nationals but there is there is honest this inside of that somewhere they get as much as I can be skeptical about everyone's intentions especially big corporations like normal we respect what's happening now please keep us in mind next time you're online I I I think there is this something genuine that's happening and I appreciate it okay a great deal drew Brees was like a stick in the spokes of that today and I just don't I don't know I mean read the room I I just don't think that that that it I didn't need to see it I don't know maybe some people leave their antiquated beliefs reinforced and he is your guy today I guess let's go to the phones mark is with us I mark I I did I put it into action today and I've been a challenge all of us to yeah I I I work in the home improvement industry can't be aware but I when I don't have to mess it up lack woman's home and we had a conversation and I shared your story Mike where raising children of of a different color I you can't relate and they didn't and don't know what it's like to grow up in that environment and she she shared a story about your children getting pulled over for loitering on the corner just because they were black people and I said I didn't grow up like that and we listen to each other and talk in and I won't understand if we could just one by one to reach out and kind of make a bridge and learned a lesson because we don't know what it is I grew up in I told her story I grew up in south buffalo we would buy drinks and drink and park in the cops would probably just take our peer weight but it did she said if you were black you probably would have been arrested and I I. wafts anything at least I did you're right and that's very unfortunate and so we just got to learn what the other side feels like in the learn to have a conversation and often that I don't know each other and pray for each other because we were out we all want peace in orderly fashion and respect and then to live free it right in the water the law I listening exactly yeah thank you mark I'm I'm honored even that you would think of me for that it sounds like that was a really interesting and hopefully helpful experience are for you I'm glad to know about it this is all my wife always puts it click the conversations we are now starting to have with our kids especially our son who is going on eleven about how the standard for him with brown skin will just be so much higher for him to just he was gonna yes Sir no Sir don't roll the stop sign speeding all the different kinds of ways this can manifest and she said she always has.

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