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Hey, everybody welcome back to the move like everyday presented to you, but patrolling tequila. Every day we pick up patrol on back in the old days. The patrol was the boss of the peleton. He was, you know whether it was Eddy Merckx Bernard Hinault or Mario Cipollini or whoever else we pick one every day myself in George, and we'd like to have differing views on that. But before we start talking about today's stage from the base of outdoors, which is essentially where it starts to Borg. I always script the same does own were anyways to Balazs. It's hard struggles real. I just have one thing I have to say. I've actually two things I have to say, first of all, I most importantly, I am. I am. I am sick and tired. Of being wrong all the time, which is a problem and this man being right. I mean, I was in a in when I talked about today's stage yesterday, I was one hundred percent convinced that I was going to be right. I just I'm off. So I'm sick of that. And then. I'm really sick this and our guest here, George Hincapie, longtime teammate has been pretty accurate and right more often. And the other thing I'm really sick of is the amount of emails, texts, tweets, Instagram, comments about how everybody's so happy Georgia's on the show because he balances out my grumpiness people. I have feelings too, and then you do. I do. And then and then we try to have fun with y'all and y'all know, I hate this supertuck. We go out for bike ride yesterday. I actually practice it. I got shit for on every angle. I was in the small chain ring. I wasn't low enough. I got so much that even phillipe's you'll bear chimes in on George Gabby Instagram, that it looks like the old man needs some yoga. What's up y'all? What we show wait. We post the video teaser teaser. We're gonna. We're gonna make a video about that. But before we get and if you want to see that picture on Georgia's Instagram, you gotta. You gotta pull that up him cap on insta- copy. Wants fallers shameless plug for bring it on. Yeah, yeah. Before we get to really cool exciting announcement little bit of business like every day the.

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