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Mean you don't have the virus from any of those the other thing that we have to emphasize is having anybody's does not protect you from from south thirty two again we don't know we hope it does even more concerning that's the tip of the iceberg basically I spent as much much much broader doctor that never buy says results will vary from community to community and in the absence of answers we have to do everything we can to protect ourselves just because you don't have symptoms doesn't mean you don't have positively too so it's important for all of us to be wearing the cloth mosque to prevent transmitting to other people even if we are feeling fine Chris samba WBZ Boston news radio there's almost no end in sight to the line of people waiting to get food from the Chelsea collaborative people are wrapping around the block Chelsea has some grim numbers there are more than nine hundred cases of covert fifty four people have died that makes up the highest infection rate in the Commonwealth in the city of Chelsea last night so many people came in just for basic food of the shelter lost count of how many people actually showed up at estimated around twenty five hundred people alright it's eleven OO eight and Tracy junkie joins us again over a Bloomberg business news good morning good morning glory Netflix says there is no way it can match the record sign up boom of the first three months of this year and that's not a warning that's the hope but Netflix stock is now falling from record levels homebound customers need a robust internet service for all that streaming plus working from home and taking classes at home all of it at the same time eighteen here is reporting a thirty four percent surge in broadband connections in the last three months stocks are up for the first time since Friday and they're making up for a lot of lost ground here the Dow is up three hundred sixty points nasdaq up a hundred seventy two that's a beat up forty seven points and Tracy junkie Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston news radio Tracy thank you is always coming up you're going to hear from the chief of hematology and oncology at UMass memorial also Adam crop and checks in the sports straight ahead I heart media no small businesses across the country are facing new challenges during the covert nineteen pandemic so to help we've put together the I heart radio small business crisis resource which is critical information.

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