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Create a bigger impact and enjoy a bigger life with your host. Marcus Helius Anderson Ted ex and keynote speaker bestselling author and mindset coach. Hello everyone welcome back to another episode of the conscious millionaire epic achiever show. I'm your host and mindset coach. Marcus to release Anderson and today is very special coaching lesson to help. Celebrate my fiftieth episode. I am so stoked about this in this episode. I'm also going to reveal how you can get my fifty thousand dollars a year long epic achiever course for absolutely free at the very end. So you WANNA a stick around to the very end of the lesson to get that information now. Before I get started with the lesson I would like to thank you. The listener for helping make consciously in epic achiever the number one new and know where the podcast on itunes. And if you have it yet please subscribe and take a second to give us a review on itunes or wherever you listen to podcast asked this gives us a higher ranking but it also helps us reach more people with this valuable content. And that's why I do what I do now. This year for me has flown by and honestly. I can't believe this is my fiftieth episode. Already there are so many things that I've learned from my first lesson podcasting most of which I never saw coming. And that's why this epic coaching lessons going to cover the top ten things that I've learned from my first fifty episodes and I want to get to you the listener. The first thing that I learned and this is these are all things that I've learned from all of these guests on my first of the episodes. The ferry thing that I learned lesson number one is that hard work is is not enough. In fact it's the bare minimum now during my interview with Artie Syndicate member. CEO of the Three Sixty Five driven coaching embezzling the author of the book. side-hustle millionaire my good friend Tony. Wally told of how when he first started working. He figured out quickly that there were not enough hours in the day to do what he had and do to be successful. During my conversation with Steve Simms the Modern Day wizard of Oz bestselling author of the book. Blue fishing the art of making things toppin. Steve told of how he learned as well as a bricklayer. That hard work could only take you so far. Which is why he began mastering the art of building a network? He now has friends like Elton John. Richard Branson and an Elon. Musk in his multibillion dollar network both he and Tony knew the hard work. Work wasn't enough in fact it was the bare minimum. So what else does it take to be successful. Well this leads us to our second. Listen the second lesson that I learned is for long term. Success Systems and protocols are necessity now my good friend and mentor the Creator of the conscious millionaire network himself who I am honored to be a show host with. JV Chrome the third talks about this in many different areas. He talks about it in his bestselling book conscious millionaire He is highly sought after coaching consultant. JV made his first million by the age of twenty five and he did it by creating systems and protocols that brought order to the chaos of business today speaker keynote speaker and author of the groundbreaking book you already have the no carry remarable actually creates a former that. She's talked to thousands on how to systematically network effectively and authentically again. She talks about that during our interview. Here on the show. Having formula and protocols in place are an absolute necessity not only for Scaling Your Business but for having a routine and system to keep you on track in your own personal development and also whenever you're creating your day to day architecture during our interview Josh timely tells how this was able to give him urgency and helped him from having to work he was working one hundred hours a week and getting nowhere but by having these systems in place in creating urgency he was able to cut down to only forty hours a week while dig himself out of a mountain of debt and the process. The third thing I learned from our guests during the season was that if you are attempting something that is truly extraordinary. You will fail multiple times along the way during my interview with my good friend member of the Forbes Coach Council today Speaker Keynote Speaker and bestselling author Mag Ghanaian tells his struggles of Corporate America. He talked about the brutal journey of starting his own business and how that for him. Living with a courageous heart was the only way to keep him. I'm going so that he wouldn't give up in those hard times when I interviewed serial entrepreneur bestselling author of five percent. More and blueprint print business. Michael Alden Michael told us about the advice that he understood quickly in his entrepreneurial journey the advice was this the entrepreneurial journey never gets easier this shift in his mindset actually made things easier because now he couldn't wait to get to the next part art. He knew that this was just par for the course he knew that he wasn't the only person struggling and whenever he acknowledged that and we'll talk to other entrepreneurs and they would echo those. Oh sentiments to him. He realized that he was on the right track. When internationally renowned keynote Speaker Hall of Fame Speaking Member Embezzling authored the Book Doc Activate Your Brain Scott Halford and I dove into the subject? We talked about going from failure to failure without losing belief and focus on ourselves and in our purpose and he you mentioned that chasing money is the best way to never make any money and that is truly a powerful thing to remember. Bob showed is called the transformational channel grandmaster and for good reason because he's not only coach others to reinvent themselves he's gone through multiple evolutions in his life and businesses. Well entry during my interview on conscious millionaire epic achiever Shane Spears. He echoed the same sentiments and he explains that there are five steps that every business must go through and evolve if they want to actually get to the place where his success and freedom financially. The fourth thing that I learned from my guests from these fifty episodes is that meditation tation. Mindfulness and self care must be employed to keep long-term momentum and avoid earn. Ah In my special on-location interview from podcastone. Nineteen with incredible Justin Shank. He explained how the top performers the he interviewed knew that they had to take care of themselves first and foremost in order to be able to help others to the best of their capacity. Bruce Langford is an expert in mindfulness and he gave multiple examples of how to use this business as well as personal development in our enlightening interview and my incredible interview. With Dr Richard Schuster explains the size of altruism and how he not only uses it to help others and business but it's also become his ethos and a way of life. The fifth thing that I learned is that in order to improve you must learn to be brutally honest with yourself and other words you must is be brutally honest about where you are right now you must be brutally honest with the shortcomings that you have and be willing to stare at them nakedly to improve and the you. You must be willing to do the work to embrace the discomfort in order to get to that next level fitness trainer and social media. Phenom Natalie Jill Explain Elaine how she had to hit rock bottom emotionally financially and physically during our conversation and how she goes into detail a when she was able to learn to cut the fat from her life and from her business and when she says trim the fat fat is an acronym. Fat Emperor her. She says the fast stands for false assumed truths in other words. She teaches us in this interview. How to get out of our own way and what to do to move forward to the best of our capacity my good friend Ramahatra shared how he was beaten up to the point that he literally could not even recognize? I says own face in the mirror and that that was the gift of adversity. The he needed it was the brutal reality check. He needed to begin to achieve financial independence with urgency and to take us life back once and for all so that he would never have to be in a situation where he had to let money control his life doc the manifestation gangster herself Sarasin trela author of two of the most popular books on manifestation hustle believe receive and her new book future boards told told of how she learned about her husband cheating on her. And how that disaster and also having no way racer kids at the time but yet still haven't to separate until Oh him out was the rock bottom that she needed to acknowledge. In order to begin her journey to her current entrepreneurial success the six lesson that I learned from our guests season was the leadership is not simply telling people what to do in my conversation with navy seal and temporary alumni. Nick Norris Nick. Norris is a navy seal and he explained how the vulnerability was his key to being successful as a leader in the seal. Team's Dov off. Baron is the gold standard by which leadership measure and explained in our interview that a leader must be willing to admit that they were wrong. Apologize at they want. You truly lead ethically thickly and for the long term my good friend Mike the Continent I discussed the need to have your employees truly believed in your leadership ability and in his new book called Believer Ship. He discusses that Berry thing at length and all of these areas of leadership intersect perfectly with my epic coaching coaching lesson. On how pragmatic empathy is missing component in leadership. Today the seven lesson that I learned from everyone this season was that your diet and physical fitness is a must be a high performer. Bodybuilding and entrepreneur. Extraordinary the Kito Savage Robert O.. Rien Sykes discusses the advantages of the Ketogenic Diet which could help reduce inflammation brain fog and fatigue and Morbid obesity and sedentary individuals to PhD himself of previously heavy. Dude Adam. Shadley explains how important physical exercises to maintain health and pre performance and why using caffeine to compensate for sleep. Loss is as a losing battle. The thing that I learned is that the highest level athletes in the world know that mindset is the key the victory it is the thing that separates those that win and those that are in second place four time Olympian and and world renowned keynote speaker Ruben Gonzalez gave us the secrets to his Olympian Mindset. In our incredible interview. UFC fighter domestic violence activists and Speaker Jaime Coleen shared how the power of forgiveness gave her the strength to defeat herself down in the octagon and also empower others in their own lives Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt. UFC veteran and bestselling author of the Gospel of fire. Eliot Marshall Taught Me in our interview the having the power to admit that he struggled with mental illness gave others permission to end the stigma and share their experiences to begin the healing.

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