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Oregon trail rally the kickoff to the area series this year we've got to national series in the united states now rally america and ara area using a lot of the rallies that used to be on the rally america's calendar but subaru really heavily involved with the new era series that's a couple years deep now but this was probably i had to go back a few years and i don't was at twenty fifteen might have been twenty fifteen we we had the rally the rally america rally kim block david higgins travis pastrana robina log amon driving an are five from europe brenda was there we had adam yeoman there was a massive list of competitors that the new england fourche rallied it would at that point time was one of the biggest stage rallies we had in the united states in quite some time well oregon trail rally is the biggest rally since i wouldn't i wouldn't put this one up with that but i would say it's pretty darn close and you know i it's definitely worth talking about so you know you had david higgins yet kim block in that ford focus ford escort cosworth barry mackinnon that beautiful s two thousand brought over from the uk jesse horns nina was there it was just it was a really really good list i mean list goes on lucy block racing at her art to david higgins end up coming out on top i know the big the big you know the excitement around this event was that atco chris acco atkinson david higgins super jarallah team usa teammate he was going to be competing in stage rally under the banner driving that second that separate second open open class vehicle acolyte w r c experience you know everybody was hoping that he could push higgins acco ended up having a small fire on day to day ended up obviously taking him.

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