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14 points, the local stock that has dropped 30% today. I'm Jeff Gable. One 18. It's traffic and weather on the 8s. Let's see how the roads are doing with Rita Kessler in the traffic center. While Mark, if you're on 66 in Virginia watch for the delays eastbound after 28 Centreville headed toward the fairfax county Parkway, the work in the right lane, then delays before nutly street all the way to the beltway with the work on the right side as well. It is westbound 66 the volume from nutly toward one 23 usually due to work. We did have a report of a broken down vehicle near route 50, but what we're seeing a delay is from westbound 66 getting on to westbound 50. So keep an eye out for anything there. That may be where the broken down vehicle is in haymarket is 15 near two 34 at waterfall road, a report of a wreck, watch for redirection. We have the earlier crash affecting southbound gallows road after 29, along the right side. If you're on the beltway, the inner loop is still slow from the toll road headed toward Georgetown pike with the work on the right side, then some volume passing all Georgetown road around two to three 55, and the outer loop in prince George's county, the delay is after branch avenue in stretches headed past two, 14 central avenue, keep an eye out for a mobile work crew that may be moving along that stretch. In on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, northbound, the delays out of green belt headed past powder mill road with nothing reported in the roadway. Northbound D.C. two 95 slows off the 11th street bridge all the way past Pennsylvania avenue but south bad I two 95 delays of ease from the 11th street bridge, passing the suitland Parkway that earlier wreck may be gone. Celebrate with the U.S. Air Force on September 15th at Audi field, enjoy fireworks flyovers in music, reserve your free tickets at U.S. Air Force 75 dot com. I'm Rita Kessler, WTO P traffic. And now to storm team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts. It is hot. Once again, but as I've been saying all week, the light is at the end of the tunnel by the time we get into Friday Saturday and Sunday it is going to be

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