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And i'm also going to be here tomorrow pretty good stuff mar buddy raise out recovery right now and your facebook friend is you know exactly what's going on that that guys very transparent about things and i decided to kind of lead off the program today talking about fresno state men's basketball and coach rodney terry moving to the university of texas el paso in my thoughts on the program were so positive and and and it's not just about basketball or wins and losses it's about the character of the kids that i've seattle on the court it's about their academics and how successful that they've been and coach terry in the way he's conducted himself in our community and i think he's really raised the bar up maybe the highest it's ever been when you look at all three of those factors combined we may not have had the best basketball record we may not have had the best academic record or the best record in the community but when you lump all three of them together there's no question in my mind since i've been observing fresno state men's basketball he's he's taken the bar of all three of those and he's put them up here and because he's done that it's very important for our university to get this search right as far as replacing him and to look at the adrian wiggins the quincy pond xers maybe even the melvin eli lies the world and and and and have a local connection to whoever the replacements going to be very perplexed about why save mart center wasn't fuller during our home games i know a lot of us myself included we loved our time down selander arena it was a lot more intimate at times and it was loud and it was exciting and then we get into save martin bigger and although it's got many more qualities to it that i think we like in in a venue it just didn't have that that excitement and that loudness net level of intimacy and so you know we have to get past that we have to fill that place for whoever our next coaches are we're not going to have that goes very long either so four hundred fifty eight fifty eight eight hundred seven seven.

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