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First time around and the judge was silent about it you would think at some point somebody would have chimed in before the deliberations began to say listen we wanna clarify things for you and to me it it speaks to the imbalance that takes place in a criminal trial prosecutors i think it far more of the benefit of the doubt then the defence even though the law says that it's the defendants that are supposed to get there the benefit of reasonable doubt well what have the prosecutors in this case said about their own conduct in whether they acted appropriately when brooklyn irby's testimony was was known to not be true well they have defended themselves they've they've said look it came out any way the fact that there were questions about the accuracy of this testimony were raised by the defence and timely fashion there was a witness a basically uh a law enforcement official who came to the stand and said yeah a brooklyn arbi has this a problem in this case and that was enough the dow is enough to cure whatever failings the prosecutors had made a trial in doing it themselves my point is that for a jury in a criminal case involving a move murder a for the prosecutor to say look this person is not really levelling with you as far more import an impact than it would have coming from the defence and i think maybe the conviction is proof of that so we're waiting to see if this case goes or at least is asked to go to the us supreme court i tried to get in touch with the defendants attorneys they go i have no comment but it seems to me like i said before this is a classic case that could go to the justices who may wanna clarify exactly what the duties are when the government's own witness comes to the stand in and doesn't tell the truth a case of lying in criminal court and whether prosecutors have a duty to notify a jury when they know that one of their witnesses is is lying pace in long as in prison and illinois waiting to find out the answer an andrew cohen is bringing us up to date for the marshall project and case in point andrew a pleasure as always my pleasure to hey we always want.

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