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Using your pay pal dollars if you can't then cash out your bank account and pay pal won't even open counts for people in most of the world they just won't in fact i believe they still don't serve as puerto rico because they felt that it was too much risk from an am l standpoint and not enough reward because those people weren't profitable to them so that's why the idea that like we've got these centralized services that will that will solve the problem is problematic his that turns financial access into a privilege instead of a right you have to go to a company and convinced them you're worthy it should be a right and open source software should make it that right guaranteed that yeah absolutely i mean i'm sure among our listeners there's few who will disagree with that statement this fun back and forth though a maybe i in sept it a little bit into a congressman sherman's the hopes to doubt it he's from beverly hills that's his district they all have bank accounts backing out yet but that does actually sound kind of more positive than mine push before because i wanna i wanna read the tweet i really like that kind of some isolated bit mayenne fresh kind of was so charles halston wrote this after reviewing recent us regulation it appears that cryptocurrencies i security commodity property currency token that requires a re registration if the sec money service business license and of course gets taxed like baseball card so my mic heinemann fish was you know obviously not having the candidates that you have that there's all these different entities they have different kind of.

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