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What happened back in nineteen Ninety-two? It's not the perfect analogy for today. But no story would be Ross Perot was a well known businessman when he decided to run for office in the early nineties. Same is Howard Schultz is now and like today the sitting president, George H W Bush was in trouble the economy was faltering. He was worried about being implicated in the Iran, contra affair, and what you saw in the start of nineteen Ninety-two was Bush's approval rating was plummeting a year earlier he'd lead the country victory in war. The first Gulf war to get Saddam Hussein out of rack in early ninety two February nineteen Ninety-two Bush's approval rating false of thirty nine percent. And it's in that climate that Ross Perot goes on Larry King show. Larry King Live on CNN is any scenario in which you would run for president. Can you give me a scenario which say, okay, I'm in? Number one had a want. King asked him a bunch of times. Hey, you know, people are looking for would you run for president? And finally on you know, third passer so Perot finally just says if you're that series the people are that series. You register me in fifty states. And if you're not willing to organize and do that, then this is all just. Are you saying to the ordinary folks if you're dead serious starting? Sweat Alyce some sweat. Why do I wanna see some sweat? I said it earlier I want you in the rain. It's amazing because you basically don't have an internet in the way, we know it today. You don't have social media in the way, we know it today. And yet, it's this this sort of viral moment that word of that moment, the clip of that moment, you know, spreads spread slower than it would now. But over the course of days weeks and months this massive, and I truly truly massive grassroots movement emerges that starts getting Perot on the ballot. But spring ninety two by May June ninety two Ross Perot's running in first place in the national polls. He's a head to George H W Bush Clinton is far far behind and people are contemplating the possibility that Ross Perot might actually win the presidential election. Become an independent president blow up the two parties. Of course, this worst case scenario is not what happened Bill Clinton one is. I was president some of blame Perot for Bush's failure to win reelection. But Steve disagrees says pro was just a symptom of Bush's ailing presidency. Not the cause even so pro did manage to get almost twenty million votes..

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