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I'm Nathan Roberts Motech on money. Coming up in just a few moments. I on top local stories at eleven three a stolen car. That's been linked to a couple who six month old son is missing has been located. But CBS Laurie Peres says the young boy is still missing it could hold a vital clue in the search for six month old Jackson Manson officers recovered in south LA. They're hoping the car can tell them something about where the baby is since Jackson's parents aren't talking the baby last seen on New Year's Eve, and he was reported missing late last month. Police say they hope the young boy is somewhere with relatives. Just don't know about the search for him. Nobody was hurt. But there were some tense moments in LA's mid city area last night as a plant cell phone sale turned into an armed robbery instead with gunfire. Now this happened when man who had arranged online to buy a phone outside of Vons market at PICO boulevard and Fairfax avenue found out that the two guys who showed up didn't have a phone to sell. They just wanted his money during a scuffle one of the robbers fired a gun into the ground then they both took off CBS twos. Sarah Donte says police hope the incident will be a lesson to other people about buying stuff from stranger. They say the moral of the story is if you plan to sell something or buy something with somebody you met online, the very best place to do that is that a police station and not outside of a business at last word, the two robbers still on the loose that pilot whose plane broke apart and crashed into a Yorba. Linda home have been disciplined for dangerous flying. According to the LA times Antonio Pakistani had his license suspended twice by the FAA once in nineteen. In seventy seven and then again in nineteen eighty in one case, he falsely told air traffic.

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