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So, you know, I I feel I'm a better person for having been around the guys that are you know, that are in that fraternity and got to spend the time that I have so far. So you know, it's a lifelong thing you can go back to the rest of your life. So definitely embrace it. And how do you give them advice for like just the media circus that there are about to have to go through? Because like I said you are good in front of a camera. Good in front of a microphone other guys might not be as comfortable and you had to do stuff like late night shows in good Morning, America. How do you tell them to prepare for the the media that they're about to get? I mean, I had fun with it. And I think these guys you look at Tyler the way is got drafted already. You know, his dad is who he is. And and you know, obviously, he's he's plenty able to handle this. And I think the same for two he plays for the best team in the country mic savings, the head coach much media as much as you could possibly imagine. So oh, this only strengthened that not only makes it even crazier for forever. So that's a cool thing. Casey, like all on never forget, like even Cleveland like the year in two after when he did in the NFL, Johnny had his mom. I should say how did on the actual Heisman Trophy on Hodie him stand in his apartment, and like in his place, and then in the basement of this kind of game room when he had a house in Cleveland. And I mean, there's nothing like it. I've seen it all we'd walk into his house. And every time I'm over. I'm like holy shit. I like goosebumps walking by the thing. I remember, Johnny. We'd have guests over to your condo there or at your house. And it's like they walked by their kind of walking today look over and see the thing. It's like kinda presence in the room. Casey. You're like drawn to this thing and people he like look at it and point like, oh my God. I the actual ice been like, oh, yeah. Get up get a picture with it like bananas, man. It's such a cool thing forever. And no one can ever take that away from where's your hyphen right now about to ask where is it? Currently. It's entirely so they make one obviously give you one. And then they give the school one right one school gets one. And I get one I mean, and I know the one an image as you walked by the windows of the bright complex, and there's like a spotlight on it. There's no way you can walk by that building without seeing it. I remember where anytime you he was between places in Cleveland. And and I was like we were moving a bunch of stuff. And I was like I will legitimately take the Heisman and bring it's all like all highs that we don't want to just leave that even the move somehow, someway, he didn't let me get away with it. But if I would have been still be in my office, but maybe we could get you a smaller replica on EBay. I doubt that would be nice that we can work on that. Yeah. We'll work on that. So the Heisman Trophy ceremony this weekend? Johnny you think it's going to be Cuyler e B M, assuming you think it's going to be Cuyler as well. I do I called it for the last two months. I think he's special. I think he deserves it. And yeah. I think it's going to be taught Cuyler I think it's gonna be too. I don't necessarily think it should be after what we saw this weekend. I do believe that Kyle probably made a better case. And I've I'm a huge Kyla Mary fan been watching. I just feel like to a lot of people that are voting are probably gonna look at just kind of the whole body of work in the team Alabama is but it wouldn't surprise me. Either way. The only thing that would surprise me as if somehow Dwayne Haskins snuck in there, but there's just no way that's going to happen. I think it'll be I think it'll be a close race..

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