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To do something they wanted to be out in their communities it's not quite a relational activity but it is a it is a sort of a cathartic exercise in a way that mieno maybe it wasn't a half way obama administration you write about the launch of the campaign that the national political director calls people power and that the event's organizer was even freaked out a little bit he said they want us to talk to the cops tell us about that campaign and what they're trying to do absolutely quote comes from a man who organized a rally in austin first political action of his life actually and the way the campaign rolled out was the aclu in march held a sort of a national event that was streamed over the internet in which they asked people to go to local law enforcement agencies and try to get them to commit to a series of policy proposals related to immigration enforcement basically to not cooperate with federal immigration crackdown and the purpose of this was to pick something that was more than just writing a check or making phone calls because part of the thing that the group really focused on was to do something that would keep people engage would be difficult and so uh this man who i talked to an austin when he saw that he was going to be asked to go to a police station and demand something you know that was it made him nervous but it also got them interested in here in fact it bagged had multiple interactions with his local police department because of it josh one of.

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