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A bit of heat as we move into the holiday weekend this Friday will be partly cloudy with highs near ninety a straight pop up shower late in the day possible especially north of town as we head into tonight just passing cloud or two and lows near sixty eight four right back up to ninety on Saturday eight ninety one on Sunday both days a stray shower possible but not likely that's your latest WLKY forecast I'm meteorologist maravillosa that it's seventy two it news radio eight forty W. H. A. S. our top story continuing coverage of hurricane Dorian and its anticipated arrival on Florida's east coast W. F. O. R. T. V.'s tie Russell is in west Palm Beach awaiting the storm a visit home depot in Palm Beach county Thursday night if that's what my my rental that's what it is shoppers cleared shelves with whatever type of what they can fine on my home I got Arkansas does install and stuff people are not waiting until the last minute because hurricane Dorian already poses a major threat so a short distance away from home depot there was a line of cars on a busy road they all waited to get gas in nearby some stations had already run out the storm also bringing out some political rhetoric former Canadian prime minister Kim Campbell says she hopes the storm hits Mar a Lago Campbell service Canadian prime minister for less than five months in nineteen ninety three taking to Twitter she's rooting for a direct hit to the property which is on Florida's west coast it's six thirty two it news radio a forty WHAS more Kentucky minors at risk of losing their paychecks after declaring for bankruptcy black jewel was unable to pay miners because it did not have a security bond in place that's when the attorney general's office started investigating this labor cabinet has not secured one single performance bond for any mining company across Kentucky there nearly thirty license companies and there could be more Kentucky Attorney General anti Bashir says without those bonds close to one thousand miners could lose their paychecks if their mind goes under but your claims the error was intentional he Lee Hanson newsradio wait forty WHAS the city budget is shoes now having the local zoo looking.

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