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Week is upon us couple Rockies excited about that. Yeah, party, You can definitely feel the buzz starting to build around town with the All Star Game Exactly One week from tonight. Herman Marquez, the loan Rockies player on the National League roster. All the travel stories certain. Playing like an All Star of late. Joining the rocks. Ace on the NL squad is a couple of pictures from the mile high city giant starter Kevin Gausman, who played his high school ball at Grand View, is making his first Midsummer Classic and Padres closer Marc Melanson is on the roster for the fourth time in his career. Here's the Golden Heil, I'm sharing a fun story about attending the All Star Game in 1999 is a 14 year old. One of the funny memories was the giveaway. Before the game was it was back when Beanie Babies were a big deal and they had a special edition Beanie Baby, which I wasn't You know, it didn't matter to me, but during the game because it was such a crazy he's Beanie Babies were being sold to other fans at the game for 5 $700 a piece And my buddy and I, we had ours and we're saying we're going to go on eBay and we're gonna sell this tomorrow for, you know, 2 $3000, and so we held out we had offers coming at us throughout the game. We just hold it up going through the stands and people say I'll give you 507 $100 and we thought we were gonna you know Make bank on the next couple days, selling it while the market plunged. And, uh I think I still have the Beanie Babies. So my mom does somewhere I'm sure Drugs are off. Yesterday. They open a three game set against the Diamondbacks tonight in Arizona. John Gray on the hill for Colorado. Merrill Kelly goes for the Snakes are pre game coverage on Ko a news radio and streamed free of charge and I hire radio comes your way at seven first pitch. 7 40 Sports fans in Phoenix almost certainly won't be watching the baseball game game. One of the NBA Finals is tipping off just around the corner. With the Sun's hosting the box. Milwaukee's best player, two time M V P an incident Campo is listed as doubtful for Game one, which tips seven. Who doesn't love overtime winners, regardless of language. Anderson P. T. Anderson even faster Oh, Anderson hears all this very second option. Canadians Radio Caller 32 OT win over the visiting Lightning last night to keep their Stanley Cup playoff hopes alive. Barely. Tampa leads the finals. Three games to one. The host Game five. Tomorrow night that Sports and Brandon Crystalline Ky News radio on the Broncos Pops and Rocky's Family News. Radio time. 7 47 right now, on Colorado's morning news. Covid 19 cases continuing to rise throughout Colorado yesterday, the state Total sign increase. 170 new cases the virus, pushing it to 559,704 now no new deaths related to the virus were reported. As of yesterday Around 336 people were hospitalized for suspected or confirmed cases of covid, which is six more than Sunday. Experts continue to sound the alarm about the need for more Americans to get vaccinated against Covid. Dr Vin Gupta with the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington being unvaccinated out on this day. In July of 2021 is fundamentally more risky. Then if you're unvaccinated at this point last year, according to the CDC, 99% of the country's covered 19 deaths in May were people who went unvaccinated. The CDC realized or release. Excuse me the new data yesterday in hopes of encouraging more people to get the vaccine. The president is keeping up his campaign to persuade more Americans to get vaccinated against Covid. He is scheduled to speak today. President Biden at the White House amid rising concerns about that Delta variant of the virus that is spreading across the country. Medical experts say the delta variant more contagious than earlier strains of the virus, and they worry it could be more deadly. The president said over the Independence Day weekend that getting a vaccine shot is the most patriotic thing Americans can do. And Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the process of easing covid 19 restrictions at the country's border is finally underway. Trudeau announcing yesterday that fully vaccinated residents will no longer have to quarantine for several days after they come back to Canada. However, this change does not impact fully vaccinated US residents Coming up here on Colorado's Morning news. We get the latest on the battle against Covid vaccinations and more and Delta variant with you See Health's Dr Richard Zine. He joins us next right now we take a look at that.

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