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What is hoped hope to me was just that he would get to come home I had no idea how hard it would be want to cut back I wish you'd stop drinking so much she thinks it's helping but it's not I hope she sees that soon I don't care if he comes to my games but I hope it does I used to hold find happiness again now I hope hi Max Max Graham how can I help he thinks it's too late it's not with everything that he's going through I hope he sees a counselor I just want my brother back I hope to get help I'm hoping things would get better on their own he told me to stop asking I didn't then one day he asked for a ride hope is knowing their other families just like yours but the veterans they love got help and recovered could make the connection dot net and turned hope into action six hundred W. R. E. C. E. I. ninety two point one FM welcome back number is triple eight seven twenty seven B. E. C. K. were waiting task force update from the covert nineteen task force that's gonna be coming up here and a little bit we may be talking we also have you have that election has we also yeah well I'm sorry to interrupt yeah we we in a minute I'm not interrupt your interrupted well who gave you the right anyway the shift we have a we have a guy his name is hunter Howard fifty years old came back from us a ski trip in early March within a week he realized oh crap I think I have the corona virus he was the first guy in Dallas to have it he's recovered now he's gonna be on with us in just a few minutes telling us what it was like but there's some there's some news stats out that show all of this about it's not affecting young people it seems to be kind of not true yeah they're saying now four of forty percent of those hospitalized in the United States however I've been between twenty and fifty four years old so not not elderly not anywhere near that in many cases and this also repeats what we saw in France what they had I think it was three hundred people who are in intensive care and about half of them were under the age of sixty so it is it this is been one of those situations where you realize as it goes on we don't have all of the information and we're trying to make snap judgments without it yeah it's tough though I mean I don't what do you do like there's a there's a great article that's been making the rounds that basically outlines this fact in that we don't know how fast it spreads we don't know what it's going to do we see the worst case scenarios we couldn't imagine the best case scenarios but we were making decisions based on a lack of information and that's absolutely true however when the worst case scenarios look like they do and they're this close well you know day to day it's only global warming were the worst case scenario is really bad but it's you know decades into the future any and you know it that's a totally different situation this is a situation where like if you wait three more days you may have tens of thousands of more people that would that have this virus and you can't do that can afford it right in any you know here's the thing we're going to make mistakes mistakes are going to look back you know blow that one was stupid we're going to make those mistakes but wait we should correct them as soon as we figure out that that was a mistake and I'm not sure we are we are running now like chickens with our heads cut off to where we what is the why are we making some of these decisions and I think that there is a case to be made that the you know what I am in next hour I'm gonna give you I'm gonna give you a list of things that I know things that I know and then the things that my gut tells me because there are different there's difference there and I know this is a an actual real pandemic I know this is not a bio weapon or anything else but I think there are those who are using this to really hurt us and and hurt the entire capitalist system to reset the system now here's something else to that we have to be really careful of trump just just said that he was closing the guest worker visa thing down at the border the that seems right off the top of your head a good thing tip I grew up in the Pacific Northwest I grew up on the west coast migrant farmers and Mart migrant workers are really call to our food so we can't say no to migrant workers it's not like it used to be where while we're just get our boys and girls out there no just no juicer it's a very Zinder and till the soil and make sure that they're not going to do it they're not going to do it we do need these migrant workers and I hope somebody in the White House is thinking again about the farmers because the farmers are starting to scramble this is the kind of decision that if you don't if you don't go back and say okay wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute yeah but there is there is a visa program there is a migrant workers saying that we may have to make allowance for otherwise we have no food you're going to be clear you're talking about legal immigrants here not illegal in the area no visas yeah you know you're a migrant worker and he's going to stop all of that we can't stop all of that we have to have the H. two A. agricultural visas we have to have them all rights our guest is not joining us is this right do we have we had now snow yes okay so Reese schedule him for a for another time other than you know now let me give you an update on guns he yesterday yesterday went to my doctor I gotta injection in my back and and you know they put you under for that and they give you basically truth serum and so he is funny because my wife is usually at my bedside and she was you know she's usually there when I wake up and and see in generally makes notes of all the funny things that I had said that I don't recall well this time they could I used you you couldn't nobody was allowed in except for the nurses and for me and so I am fine and I come to I have no idea what I've talked to these guys about as I'm in recovery and this and then afterwards they all kinda came by my bedside there like okay can you tell us what do you think is happening what do you think is coming what should we do and my first memories are me saying yeah you got to go out and buy guns you gotta have mean it's time now you gotta go buy guns what do you do it where's you where your bank account your you've got your money where I have no idea I have to call the melon say whatever I said to you I don't know if that was your I don't remember the advice I was giving to you yesterday take it with a grain of salt but one of them was telling me that he went in and tried to buy some ammunition here in Texas and he said it was crazy just got a call from a friend of mine before we started the show they said he just wants you know tried to get a gun at capellas or wherever here in Texas and they said it's a thirty day wait the government is so backed up with background checks it's a thirty day wait to be able to get a gun now I don't know how much of that I believe I mean it is the trump administration so I'm I tend to believe they're not doing this but this is the kind of thing that the government does all the time at least in other administrations like Obama and before that Clinton wears a car you know our our computer singing magic its down and we don't have the Mick Jagger guy to come over and fix it yet so it's gonna be awhile before we get that through as soon as they are soon as being George bush's elected lauded computers said nothing about James working again so I'm not sure what that is but there may be a huge run on guns right now well especially I mean if you if they tell you can't leave your house right you're gonna be in your house we're looking at a potential economic you know catastrophe at some level right we're looking at potentially not recession you will now it will be a winner we might want to want to have guns at your house to protect your home yeah we are now talking about a depression you know I thought I was way off the the rails and I was nervous to say it just bought two weeks ago I said I think we could be in a depression bye by this time next year I think we could be in a deep depression and I remember hesitating last night I read week we might be in a depression by the third quarter of this year in early summer time we could be in a depression and when you see the stats so I'll share with you next hour when you see the stats of of what the fed is doing and it just doesn't add up to all corona virus it just doesn't it doesn't yeah you know the other thing to Glenn is you always have to do a cost benefit analysis when you look at something like this right what's the cost benefit analysis of us being at home for a week or two there's economic consequences that could be bad were to spend a bunch of money the government's going to obviously throw money at this problem and try to solve it so far they've been completely unsuccessful with those efforts they've done absolutely nothing to calm the markets but at some point we have to look at and remember that the economy is not what would the way get summarized which is do we get to go out and buy new cars do we have nice homes do we have nice things do we have a savings that's growing at a four one K. that's growing into retirement and implications and all of these sort of frivolous parts of the economy one of the reasons why civilization exist is because of this economy lives if this economy and capitalism gets destroyed because we stay home for several months and I can't recover and we lose all of the rights and freedoms that we've had this also cost lives lots of them and so one of the more yeah many many more obviously long term it's much worse than the virus if we were to let's say lose capitalism lose our economy it's not just about selfish things like I want to go buy things for me it's about a system that has ripped billions of people out of poverty and if we lose that system or at least lose giant chunks of it it's going to cost a massive amount of life and so you have to look at those things at the same time you know a pause in the way that we normally live with the effort to be able to prepare and garnered as many lives as possible because of this virus is something that's really reasonable and I think America so far is doing a great job accepting it in really difficult circumstances but on the other side of that it can't be it can't be an eternal thing we have to figure out a way to be able to go back and live our lives because we lose this economy happens a lot more than just money but let me tell you this I'm getting a lot of this email in dear Mr back I want to thank you for sounding the alarm more than ten years ago about having emergency supplies of food water and medicine on hand just in case I took your suggestion to heart and from that point on I slowly built up our supplies this week we didn't panic when stores are short of supplies we didn't have to wonder how we were to feed ourselves or get necessary medicines we had everything we needed on hand I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for planting those seeds are prepared as all those years ago you're such a blessing thank you Connie gland I just want to thank you for telling us years ago to be ready for an emergency several years ago he did your advice and stocked up on food and basic necessities I'm not worried nor my hoarding supplies many many many thanks may your family be safe I miss you since you're no longer in cable but I can get you on radio Susan you can also says and get us a blaze TV dot com where we did a special last night on the corona virus and we had our gas we had a great cast.

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