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University in usa today came out with a finding for chris christie an approval rating of just below fourteen percent in a moment patrick murray will be joining us he's the pulling director four monmouth university but first some of the latest ads now on the air in the garden state a bridge shutdown over politics their biggest triumph was a traffic jam was madonna's failure shortchanged on future after eight years incomes are down in our economies crawling we are better than this on phil murphy together we'll build the strong her sarah economy the works for every new jersey family for esteemed what donald left new jersey stock on serious about moving new jersey forward you missed jose of sean four new jersey's shan renew lie's wiggins the about deporting criminal illegal silver like bias is going be of their back make no mistake murphy will have the backs of deranged murderers like karan's providing sanctuary in new jersey will be a sanctuary not just city but state murphy doesn't have our backs he is the irs two dangerous jersey those are just some of the as in at the new jersey governor's race voters going to the polls next tuesday in joining us on the phone is patrick murray he is the director of the monmouth university polling institute he's joining us from west long branch new jersey as we listen to those ads really get these the sense of how this race is unfolding but you're poll ling showing that phil murphy the democrat holding on to a rather significant lead yeah yeah and and part of the reason war while the campaign of cut does add uh they uh particularly with ghana campaign has not had the money to actually blanket of the the airwave with them so the the radio.

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