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Phil jackson Guy who played on those red holzman knicks teams. Be calling him a racist this because it by singing a racial move. Then you're you're calling. Fill a racist. Got a problem with that. Do you think phil was her is Yeah i mean. Do your member phil jackson left. The lakers went wrote a book on kobe. Bryant and then came back and coast in. i mean. Who would do that. You name someone in professional sports. That would do that. you know. I think he exposed gobi in a way that he of you're the head coach and you're the guy that sits in the locker room until players. This is a circle and everything stays within the circle. Because that's what team is about but you as the head coach. Open it up and now you go out and you try to belittle at that time. Probably one of the greatest players in the game. What feels like he's disloyal. I don't know if that makes him racist. that's year. yeah way of putting it out. And i have my way. I was in the locker room. We didn't i was in bright since sweden You're looking for more for. I don't know how to respond to that mean. Dan kept pushing And then pointed out about how phil once had michael. Pass the ball. Steve kerr right to win. One and pointed out how. Nba television cameras were in the huddle hearing michael's basically a seed to that and phil scotty told dan that that was all a setup. Jordan knew that the cameras were there and he was in control of them and set that up. it was weird. Part of that interview with dan and scottie. Pippen is the only one way to put it. I wasn't in the locker room at all clearly. I was covering the team. We didn't hear anything like that. And for all those years. it was discussed. That scotty was just upset with his contract. Right and upset. That coach is being brought in and that cuco chat a had the moment that the last day of what we ve all kind of thought for years at again scotty pointed out. We weren't there. We have no idea where we're looking at it from afar and things that we've gleaned over the last twenty five years who knows said jordan's departure for baseball with selfish. Oh boy those are really means that are going to be set up That there were thought maybe set up for years from now right everybody to get back together and coon by some point. He's that he hasn't talked to the end of that. Yeah wow i wonder what fills gonna have to say. You've got to put out a statement here. Don't you think after respond. Just let it let it sit there. I don't know who's gonna being called a racist by one of the top fifty players of all time. Who's going to be text. Fill like hey. Did you hear what scotty said. I'm sure many people. I'm sure there are many people. Well i'll something to set up an an an ass. Michael wilbon and of course. Everybody should check it out on peacock. Dan's full interview with habits can be sitting out there colin. Hanks is going to be joining us on this program Before him all of our first top of the next hour is Going to be greg cosell because unfor- center. The voice of nfl films was announced today that he's going into the pro football hall of fame as the twenty twenty one winner posthumously of the pete roselle. Tv and radio ward one of those moments. Like wait a minute. He's not in yet. No he's not eddie. And i poked around. Nfl films to see who their. That's currently there worked with john for senator who died in the early eighties and greg cosell the last current employees of nfl films to have worked with senate and so we'll have him spent a couple yards about him and he also filled then for peter king for the qb so It's always interesting chatting with greg. Cosell and then in our number three with the stanley cup starting tonight and the montreal canadian visiting the tampa bay lightning trying to win two in a row back to back cups Colin hanks a die hard fan of the los angeles kings. Who's always ready to tell you the story about the nineteen ninety three stanley cup final. The last time. The canadian were in the stanley cup. Final and the kings were up one games to none and we're about to go up to when jock mayor. The canadian coach called over. Carry frazier and the rest of the officials on the ice there in montreal to say checkout marty mcsorley stick he it is illegal. They checked out the stick. Mcsorley gets put in a box they score. One with mir ticks left on the clock. 'cause they pulled the goalie patrick water go have a six four man advantage and then one in overtime and then won the stanley cup and kings fans were cursing at the montreal canadian and apparently a curse was placed on the entire hockey loving nation of canada because s the la kings will point out. A canadian team has not won the cup since that ninety three thirteen. Yeah and montreal is now back in and in advance of game one tonight..

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