Congressman Scalise, President Trump, Louisiana discussed on Midday on WNYC


Of things that would run counter to to their moral beliefs and the thing that match lap said to me was that they liked him like trump because he fights they like a fighter congressman scalise is a deeply christian republican and despite the president's many infidel infidelity is is behind the president one hundred percent why do you think the majority whip is able to put aside his his values his moral court to support this president i think it's such a good question and i think that as reporters we're always looking for the answer we're never quite satisfied by the one we get asked school about this when we sat down for an interview and has high school back in louisiana and his answer to me was just that you know donald trump would bring the progross policies that would drive the economy and outweigh that hillary clinton never could which of course you know bags so many questions you are brokers policies do those always come ahead of ethics or moral core just you know a broader vision for the character of the nation and you know i didn't really get a good answer for that so i asked about the access hollywood tapes that the state and rather than even at betting as i think a lot of people can't at this point who support trump that you know it was terrible it should be you know he should be condemned for that but she was still my guy only said to me you know i think that was militias on the part of the media to drop it when they did they dropped it because they wanted hillary clinton to win which of course no evidence of that but i i am so longing as a reporter to talk to a member who is a christian like i am and just be honest about questions they've wrestled with when it comes to being faithful to this president and their party but also you know what they believe you know in your conversations with with congressman scalise did you see attention between his faith and his trumpism.

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