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I'm just in combat. And you know what he just had chummy literally just said with Lsu arm, sorry with chiefs and going five, five, wide or Oregon eligible receivers out and just keeping five-man protection. That's what else use offense. And it's funny how this? Tie In. That's why borough was incredible because he was so smart, able to operate and pick. Your pick where he wants to go and Nice guys up. It's almost like a point guard operating point guard. Not every time is going to pass it to the same guy every time. Sometimes they do. If it's working point, guards can also. Throw down the post. He's GonNa take a shot. And when receiver you've got five receivers out, that's US you. You did so many times with RPO's to and C. H. comes in, and it's just GonNa. Be Like he's GonNa be I'm used to this. I'm used to running twenty routes a game. You know true route true game. It's GonNa. Walk Right in and they also got the Andre Washington from the raiders who who skillset is very similar, and it's it's funny. I think that's. That's what they're of going for their just go, but just all these types I shouldn't con- SCAP acts because I. Don't think are true real true scap anymore, but these kind of guys that can play all three downs, and we don't ask our backs to protect that much solicits create mismatches everywhere, so no matter what mahomes has five mismatch as mismatches as opposed to maybe just to the other creating just as many as possible and. Yeah. It's pretty cool actually. I mean it's like. You know vision mahomes being slightly worse someplace action I think like a man. He's like the best quarterback instead of the first or something. You know whatever, but like hey, guess, what happens when you play man and C. H.. I'm accepting that too is out there. He's you're going to get a linebacker against him. At some point, it's GonNa. Get ugly and I. Think Andy. Reid is salivating. At that possibility, which is a great visual. So, let's talk about those linebackers on these other teams. and. You know who are who are going to be victimized by by this offense. I mean okay. Let you know what I was going to Segue into the raiders 'cause I like the linebackers, but let me ask you this right now. Gun to your head. WHO's the second best team I know? We did this whole preamble in the beginning about how these three teams shake up anyway. Who Do right now is the second best team. I would actually go with the broncos. Okay, let's Talk Broncos not I'm not sure I agree I'm not sure. No I don't like any of these answers. I put you in a horrible position, but I think the Broncos are really interesting I think all these teams are interesting by the way but there. It was a fun forward to look out because there's so many question marks, and there's so many good players on each team. It's not like a bunch of. Where they want Stud. It's like no. They each have four out of yes good. Totally, yes, there's no. There's no I don't want. Call the Jaguars. I feel bad, but these are all interesting teams like we said. The teams, the broncos might be the most fascinating because They have this young quarterback who their fans are very high on I. Get so many tweets talk about drew lock truckload drew lock, so we are going to talk about drew lock. So I think I tweeted. Like a month ago or something? Hey, I'm gonNA. Watch some drew lock. What's his best game and everyone's like? Houston got a little bit of Detroit so I watched both. I throw the chiefs game. that. Was that was the? Mahomes Ragweed I. Think I had and that was thrown into snow, and that was that was ever. Impressive he's just throwing a wide open guys I'm like okay. Then watch the other side and watched the rookie quarterback. They're on the same. Appreciation okay so. So so, let me tell you. The things I liked about drew lock. He's very athletic. I liked the way he moved I. Think and I think we talk about this new broncos offense because they have a new coordinator in charmer. I. That is something that I think hope. Believe should factor very strongly to their offense. I think he's not a terrible decision maker. Actually he didn't do to me to my eye. He didn't do that. Many boneheaded things. I think probably should've been picked off a few more times than he was not in Texas game but. He's not an idiot. He and I and I think that's because come out of college. That was one of the things on him. Well, the decision making in. So I thought now look he didn't. You didn't see seem like going through progressions like I. Don't think saw him going off of this I read very often, but he also wasn't like. Do you make many horrible throws into traffic? The kind of things that are going to get killed. He's got a nice arm especially now. He didn't use it a lot. Last year, he didn't I think. Gosh I haven't seen with. Yeah, so okay so so! Six point nine ten air yards per town, which is the seventh lowest in the NFL? He was nine thousand expected completion. twenty-seventh is in completion. Percentage about expectation basically means he's running remedial offense. So. Those were the things I liked. Basically I feel like we didn't really learn a ton because he played such horrendous I. The Texas game is like. It's crazy. My biggest takeaway from that Broncos, fans for you get upset is that no fan is awesome. I feel like I was running early in the year. And, it was mean. But his name with can't so it just sets up some jokes I'm not sorry for. What he also was on my team. I know I know it's not my fault, but he was a boost in those final few games, so you're the better quarterback evaluator. Tell me what you got out of watching through I, mean they're. Kind of like read my notes, basically it. was you know with lock it was. I think. That's what a lot he just needs wraps. It was so much of it. He needs a lot more development than I think. Even broncos Fans WanNa tell themselves I think yeah I. Don't think he's Dahmer anything like you were saying. I think is just mental caucus slow at this moment, so we I shouldn't call people smarter whatever I just. I I, didn't think he was making terrible decisions. Complete agreement with you I I was I'm with. He's probably a very young man. They're all very know exactly. Yeah, no one is. But yet, he I just I really need to see. Stop come open and I think there's just a lot of these. NFL concepts I'm going through puberty if my my voice cracking. He goes through a lot of these newer plays. It seems like he knew one route on that play, was he? Would just Baba call the play and was like okay I think I have a go route on the outside here. I'm throwing it because they're times. He's looking at a route that there's no way. The coach told him to look at that right. I mean just no way I don't even need to know the exact being that meeting. Room I. could just I just know so? It's Kinda one of those things where I think his knees time he just needs wraps and it just, and that's why I can't make a definitive statement on him because he doesn't have nice things. That I'm not like Oh. Yes, shot. He and he's got an arm. Yeah, yeah, then and when he does know the play like I made the joke. They run spacing the past ten times a game is. is, because it's probably a play that he knows, and so the the the corner last year was trying to. You know always like feed him a little bit and get him gone a little bit, but it's Kinda one of those things where it's like i. just think he just needs a lot I think it's going to be another year before it may take a leap, and I'm or a half year I should say it might be ugly that first four or five weeks before he got new system. Yeah, to which is challenging because. So you know his prior coordinator was Rick Skin Gorilla, which was cow Shanahan influenced you know, play action heavy offense. Lot of bootlegs. There there's a lot of booting built into it, but to my..

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