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Need to be ready for when it comes now before i wrap up i do wanna leave you with some words of wisdom from louise herself she was gracious enough to pass on her knowledge on what it takes to be successful artists and i'm gonna pass them onto you for your consideration she listed four lessons as absolutely critical and here they are less than one make art about your life the loneliest made his music that came solely from inside of him and louis use her early trauma as the main impetus for her work lesson to find inspiration in all of nature now lewis did add to this she said that includes spiders maggots so be open be nonjudgmental and free in thought lesson three revisit the same theme over and over but keep experimenting with it now interestingly this is also very similar to what the loney said he was well known for playing the same chords over and over over with only slight changes each time he holy believed that nothing was ever finished evolving and finally lesson four and the most important lesson that can be conveyed in this or any episode and that is never stop making art i will leave a link in the show notes to the full article about these lessons for you if you wish to see more of louise's thoughts well there you have it i do hope that this episode helped you in your pursuits i really want you to be inspired by both these artists and the many others who never achieved fame in their lifetimes whatever you're doing whatever you're working on just stick with it no matter what keep working at it keep chipping away at the truth and eventually something good will happen i just wanna say thank you to everyone of spoken with recently on twitter like the folks at that you'd gum podcast or dan lockhart nineteen ninety eight he has a website out there where he selling off these t shirts where he does they're like one off t shirts and he does a design on them and i think they're really cool so i'm gonna leave lincoln this show notes for you to see for yourself and maybe you're going to buy one hopefully you'll get one before they run out i also wanna thank krista marie and eight dig mess and finally a huge thank you to everyone who left a rating or review on i tunes i love hearing from you and i love the fact that i know you're out there listening as always you can reach out to me.

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