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That's their sort of their guiding philosophy is that if we don't know what, what something is going to do, then we're going to, we're gonna wait until we're sure before we allow it. Whereas the Americans tend to say, well, listen, if we don't know that there's going to be harm. Let's wait until we know that there's going to be some sort of harm before we preclude things. And so you can get to folks. I mean, the the scientists that we interviewed for the story are both experts in lobster and they, you know, they're both incredibly knowledgeable in a about, you know, reproductive by. Algae of the species, but they disagreed about the risk that these lobsters posed because they have, you know, conflicting philosophies about uncertainty. And so that's that's the the kind of story that we like to really dig into is is where the sort of dividing where the fractures between between science and philosophy, and you know, when is it that you have to make a judgment call based? Not on science, but, but on, you know how you feel about a given risk in this instance has outside in done other stories that you would say tight to ocean conservation? Yes. So so one of our earlier ones is about right whales, which are there called the right whale because during the whaling years, they fishermen thought of them as the right whale to harpoon because they had so much blubber that they would float after you killed them. So there were species. Of whale that had been really, really heavily harvested by fishermen. When wailing was legal and now have have struggled to rebound versus humpback whales, for instance, which were once the poster, child of the environmental movement in the seventies and have have made a really dramatic recovery since they were protected. Right. Whales have struggled in there now fewer than five hundred of them left in the North Atlantic. And so we did. We did a deep dive into what is it that is preventing right whales from bouncing back and what are the solutions that folks have been talking about? So that one was one of our earlier episodes. Let's see. We did. We did a story with a freelancer about turtle conservation in Baja California, which was really about, you know, the the tendency of scientists and conservationists succumb in with with maybe a little bit of a colonial mindset of, you know, how can we force people to do it? We want them to do in order to save a certain species and how this one was a story of one particular scientists who went there with an aim of trying to trying to work with the local population rather than to impose his will on them. So I could go down through the list, I guess, and try to pick them out. But those are the two that leap to mind. That's I suspect some of the listeners that were interested in this list, which include me because I really, really enjoyed this this month playlist much more than I thought I would because I think because I don't didn't really know much about ocean conservation, but I do consider myself a care about. The environment and I want to do what I can. So particularly liked these episodes this month. What are you excited about on the horizon for outside in? Oh gosh, we've got so much going on. We're we're trying to. So last year we did a series which I'll plug here really quick. It was a series of four episodes called power line that came out last November. That was about hydropower in Canada. It's some of what I think is our best work and has probably had the most the largest reach of anything we've done and and since we did that series, we've been thinking, okay, what are other? What are if if we like this as much as we did and if the listeners liked it as as much as they seem to have based on how many people listened, what are other stories that we could give this kind of treatment of, you know, more episodes based on a single subject. And so we've got to separate endeavors that were getting into right now. I don't know how much should say. One of the one of them is probably gonna take a number of years to finish, actually. We'll find so. So probably just wait on that one, but it's is another energy story that were, there's probably gonna come out in like twenty twenty nineteen or maybe even twenty twenty depending on..

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