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Nine days. ABC news Lyman localist twelve thirty I'm Liz Warner all right we've got to lock down the bomb squad is going to the area of Winnetka Avenue and Roscoe Boulevard in Northridge on a report of a suspicious item according to the LAPD traffic being routed away from the area now because of the discovery of that suspicious item found near Winnetka Avenue elementary school that campus has been placed on lockdown end something else is going on in Santa Monica a person wearing a mask armed with a shot gun type weapon rob a Wells Fargo bank branch in Santa Monica today prompting a widespread search and a lock down there at a nearby elementary school crime of that one occurred shortly before ten AM on the nine hundred block of Montana Avenue that's fourteen Santa Monica P. Dietz police say the suspect believed to have fled on foot officer set up a perimeter between Lincoln Boulevard and eleven street from Montana to Washington and therefore nearby Roosevelt elementary school also placed on a precautionary locked down so like downs in Northridge and Santa Monica around noon a police specifically ordered residents near ninety street in Idaho Avenue in Santa Monica to stay indoors with their windows and doors locked and closed. national security adviser John Bolton is no longer part of the trump administration the president announced Bolton's firing today in a tweet. trump noted that he disagreed strongly with many a bold suggestions as did the others in the administration the president has thus far vow to name a new national security adviser next week and the man who tried to kill president Reagan wants to work in Hollywood multiple reports indicate that John Hinckley junior hopes to travel to California to work in the music business at a Tuesday federal court hearing in Washington DC a lawyer who represents the sixty four year old said that might be a good idea a government lawyer disagreed Hinckley shot Reagan and three others in nineteen eighty one he was found not guilty by reason of insanity back in the early nineteen eighties he spent decades in a mental hospital and now lives with his elderly mother Kevin trip K. A. B. C. news talk radio seven ninety KABC.

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