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And you could kind of you this in the same light. I mean, if they're essentially giving up on croutons as a standalone assistant for consumers, especially well, Cortana, Kate the capabilities that you know, she was putting out to the world have to be put out to the world in the place where people are in the place as an and those places are again, Google and apple are dive, sorry, actually, Google and Amazon because. Systems in this case. It's it's it's really the same kind of brutal math. I mean, you just you have to go where the customers are. Okay. And I I had another insight from that transcript, I actually paid the ten dollars to subscribe to. To get it. Because that was the only to get it. So he also got asked something where he started talking about first line workers, you know, for me. That's like a big obsession of mine. I'm like this is where they're going. This is their next big untapped market that and they're kind of gearing everything that way, and you know, you know, Alex kitman has has continually said, you know, mobile phones aren't the Bill and all and he was kind of hinting like hololens was now I know what they're thinking on that front, and it's kinda crazy. So Sutton Adela said in response to another question, we've we've seen from some of the first line worker installations we've done at these big companies that some companies are giving them a hololens instead of a phone. I was like what? Yeah. I mean, those have to be pretty specialized use cases. So he said. I'm looking for his exact, quote is because of the productivity gains for service workers that it makes a lot of economic sense where they did not even give them a phone, but they're happy to give them a hololens. So this must be why they they keep thinking homelands is going to be what leapfrogs them into the thing that succeeds phones, there's no way that a whole ends anything succeed the phone. But now, I think we talked about this last week. There's obviously some really good vertical markets for hall ends. And it's been successful in those places. Right. And you know, when you say, the this term frontline is a front line of I I. Whereas Lynn workers. I always think of like the guy with the clipboard working at like, a clothing store or something. But of course, it's it's much more diverse than that. Right. It's the guy out on the telephone line is the guy in the factory floor. It's you know, whatever there's a bunch of these things..

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