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Stain dr weks dean is a child and adolescent psychiatrist boardcertified in both adult and child and adolescent psychiatry and he has practice sokaiya tree for over twenty years he is extremely well versed in medication and different psychotherapeutic techniques is associated with munsan medical center and has extensive research and experience in the area of treating anxiety in children children as young as three years old we had a wonderful discussion about how parents can better attend anxiety issues in their children and i can't wait for you to hear it and by the way if europe paran who struggles with anxiety this episode is going to help you as well also in this episode i'll be featuring a listener question from a mom struggling with behavioral issues and her gifted 10yearold daughter is always i'll share my points to ponder so you can start using them right away and parents remember don't just download the episode it's click subscribe because when you do that you're joining my parenting revolution it every new episode will automatically show up in your subscribe list and i'd love for you to write a serve you on i tunes let me know where you think about the podcast not only are we on itunes but the parenting great kids podcast is also available in the google playstore and on stitcher so no matter where you get your podcasts subscribe today and don't miss the single episode so parents thanks for listening stay with us so here my points to ponder point number one never be afraid to look at anxiety in your child you know friends when it comes to our kids not feeling well particularly when it has to do with emotional issues or psychological issues like depression anxiety it pushes a lot of buttons in us parents and sometimes when our buttons get pushed we recoil we we push back and rather than facing.

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