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Thomas is the code. Your point gaw leslie. Appoint gonna toll appoint the boers told to yes. She is also cindy and rounded off panetta. That'd be on team right. Go you precipitate. A mascot angela. Towns is here. Hey angela good morning to you get on my nerves. You know what between jamaica. And i'll tell you between her and the shaun out of but they are about the same day and right right like eight. The soa brown to come off the bench. Say i was upset with them. They all free. I'm like down here. I'm like scoop. Download look right. She her lows though. D low is in the building. Hey good morning you shout out to nelly right. Good morning alley now that you look absolutely beautiful. Weekend pitches gra happy birthday birthdays and is here. We see linney. It's in the building. What's up charles. Good morning Banning jones is here. Hey nate you don't. Smith is in the building. Hey don't want morning to you. Chat out to rita chocolate than the sim may as. Hey morita print issues. He's there. I'll be the trainer who needs to run a rub down producer home right. I mean you. You can stretch a few A few kinks out of somebody. I'm sure you know how to go. to recent short is in the building. Hey theresa good morning to you. Shut out to lynette. Net negative rhino girl. Nice and hat for you there. You go the net will be the general manager of team. Yeah she'd be. Gm yes he definitely are you what i say Prentice said he won't. He'll be train up you right. Fritz will be the train laurel right clyburn cussing good morning to you. Shout out to alice. King hey obsolete gamonal allah's least matter of fact. I want everybody in the group and the group today. We want to put together to sean. Harvey one show basketball team. We have a try out. Everybody put the group room for the ladies the ladies team but everybody in the group room or you could text right now with a view. The beautiful lady should be on the team and would position. Should they play. Let's put that in a chat room right now and then we put then. We'll get a team together and we'll put that in a the hawk if in the building. Hey james mornings you. Abe is the nieces. Abe is good morning shayla hall in the building. What's up shakila. good morning. You la la night is here. Hey hey la. La tiffany closest is here tape. Tippety shout out to john cochran over the fm radio. Good morning jhad. I missed that fan video. Fan radio news and The comedy world net app yet. You guys get all that Shout out to sonia murray. Hey sonya are you. Lose your last week. In mount vernon and sonia online. Oh yes yes yes yes yes. She's she's a longtime listener of I remember now The guy five of sola tracy rate is here. Hey tracy good morning to you. Shut out to sister soldier. Hey good morning And civil five x here. He heaped last night when his his lovely lady looking dapper beautiful. That's a sharp silver fox. Man god bless you and a black that everything's working out with over there fan radio but Yes Your lady number one very beautiful very statuette but just a grown ass woman and now you know su super silver foxes lou adamant attitude roll up to him and i say hello. Who was going on in your guys in passing nicole. Hold on before you go. I will love to use you to my lady okay. That's the way they did the whole presentation of awesome. He you woman man and god bless you man. I'm so happy for you. And you laid and last. But not least that i have seen queen. Diana's here hello queen. Good morning to you without a name. Like i said i want to see you as going down next year. We got big acts coming june twentieth and the twenty seven. We're doing a back the back. So may the ninth. I am you sundays. The new set saturday night in june. Twenty four twenty seven queen. I need. I need you to build. And come on outside queen diane. You're going to be fine. I'm concerned about the queen. She gets out what she needs to queen. We we need to see you. Down in eastern comedy show facing haven't senior year will whereby we all wear masks around you the whereby we will we will two-minute so speaking of mass member. When i say. I'm go to jim last thursday i went. It was horrible. I cannot do with the mask. is it I thought i was going down. I thought i was going to do. Please be careful that okay. So these sponsor these shallow sponsored by w. f. lx deflects rochester. And also ninety four point five the blaze in louisville kentucky. We appreciate you front. Page news will be sponsored by our friend. John cochran fan radio but boy. We wanna take just one quick break. We have our special guest coming. Open the door barbeque. We have a special guests coming in from lehigh valley fashion week. We're going to sit down and we talk yet. He could come on. We're gonna talk to these young ladies..

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