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Body and then start to work on at an caffeine or food or whatever it is you choose i was just hearing the other day talking about putting salt under your tongue have you heard about some of this i've done some of that on how big of a difference it makes but they said it's different blood supply i guess under your tongue versus sub lingual yeah kind of gets into your bloodstream gets in your system a little faster maybe you said you did how long have a fast ten days who five day water fast water only really messes with the sleep you know you're not gonna i mean first couple of days or fine then after that your body's like you know if you think about this from hunter gatherer standpoint you're not gonna sleep for eight hours perfect your body's like hey we're we're starving let's go find food in the middle of the night let's go forward i'm asleep you gotta go fuck and get food time to go eat right yeah you're not gonna get the perfect sleep and just try to hack it out during the daytime because clearly that's failed to pass two days you know so i think there for a lot of people might be easier to try to work on twenty four hour fast initially but certainly there's a lot of benefit and scientifically a lot of benefit to doing an extended faster four days we're talking about the science that they they did at stanford university when it comes to a tough gene and cell cell death you know where you're actually removing cancer cells and old cells and an analogy i like to use especially when it comes to munich function if you've got one hundred thousand soldiers and fifty percent of them are old turds just don't retire yeah you can help force that retirement process and then when you re feed with good food you get fifty thousand brand new guys that come in there they're hungry and ready to go so you know you keep the working forces within your body young and fresh that's really important for for all things is that work with the shorter.

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