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Patrick page for eighty sound germy pawprint, proud and a from Sykes for ain't too proud. I think the gut reaction when you see something like this, where you've got two pairs of people from the same shows to me sound too, for me, too proud. Is that you sort of think the other guy has the advantage, except that in this case Andrea shields is such a veteran and then you have these two relative newcomers from eight to proud. I don't know how you pick between the two into proud guys who are both excellent as members the stations, and I think, Andy gresh solution is fine. Intouch very good. But it doesn't feel like enough there to, to merit a win. So the two guys from Haiti's town, both excellent. Patrick page with that booming voice as Haiti's and Andre shields, as basically the MC of the production is the storyteller guides us through, he's the messenger. I feel like it's got to be him. Right. You know, it's hard to imagine a scenario in which he doesn't win as you say, he's an absolutely beloved veteran. The industry with a history fifty or so years in the business. He's in his seventies now he hasn't been on Broadway, and ten years is never wanted, Tony. He's a phenomenal force in not just African American theater. But in theater in general, and I think it's a wonderful performance its plan boy and showy but it's also it draws you in as a kind of conspiratorial aspect to to the way he draws you in the way he sort of invested in the story, but also detached from it that requires a real balancing act, and I think he's pretty wonderful. But if there's a surprise here, I would think it's gonna come from one of the into proud guys and I love Jeremy pope. I think doing that as we said back to back performances in choirboy ain't too, proud is really something and speaks highly of his energy and commitment at this young age. But I was blown away, by the way, he moves the way he sings on stage, the pay off he invested in this very troubled conflicted. Character I thought was great. His performance has David Ruffin if. Had to pick a dark horse. I would pick out from Sykes. All right forms by featured actress musical Lilli Cooper Tutsi in the, Jessica Lang part, amber gray in Haiti's town star styles and Tutsi in the Terry are part alley stroke in Oklahoma, as any, and Mary, Testa, as Eller also in Oklahoma. I thought emigre was great in both the great comet. And now again, back with rich Trafton in Haiti's town. But I would be surprised based on the way things of broken so far, L stroke, or is not the winner, and that would be Sorek in the sense that the first disabled actress in a wheelchair to win a Tony. That would be quite a moment. And I think that's where we're headed. Yeah. I gotta agree. I don't think I had a more enjoyable time on Broadway. Any point in the season. Watching alley stroke are absolutely jubilant. While singing, I'm just a girl who can't say, no, the idea of this woman in a wheelchair who is just. With this sexual exploding out of her. It was almost revolutionary, and it was such a high point in that show, which is often very melancholy, very downbeat..

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