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To go up the lakers one thirty five games last season vegas as the over under for lebron's new teams that fifty and a half naked the lakers will win more than fifty games this season i do i want people to be cautious whenever these over unders come out people are going to go through if they're gamblers go through it and you're always too heavy on the overs now i listen i'm going to give you a couple overs here i think the cavs will be over so i but that you got to be careful because you always look at you're like oh they'll win more the one more i think the lakers i said cavs again i apologize i think the lakers are fifty four fifty five win team because i think they're gonna add kusei nice i like it i like the fifty wins sometimes vegas gives you a little indicator vegas things they're going to have kawhi also correct and the cavs last year i knows in the east they want fifty now is that cavs the rio kale or the cavs lakers did you still trying to get out lee we all say i stick in with the nba over unders coming off lead sixty five wins vegas has the rockets over under next season said at fifty six and a half see you see the rockets have an a drop off in their win total didn't get better i don't see how they can beat it was only twenty teams that have won sixty five or more game so there's no way i think they can get to that golden state i believe we'll be a little war inspired during the regular season just because they have boogie cousins now they won't get back to the level that we've seen them but no houston comes back to the pack listen i think this is a really good number set by vegas because i think that they will be in the high fifties fifty six and a half that's right around where they'll probably be this is another one that i would gun to my head if i had to bet it i of course i have to bet it i would say over i think they're fifty eight fifty nine win team you're going to i think they're going to be more judicious with chris paul's minutes and i think that you're going to see by the way maybe they have baked into this the boosts they're going to get from sign mellow gotta think about that as well we'll also they might have had them at sixty games going down two years ago you would have found this unbelievable but things do change quickly late last night is ahah thomas agreed to a one year two million dollar deal with the nuggets this only two seasons ago isaiah average twenty nine points for the celtics finish fifth in nbp voting in for a little perspective steph curry finished sixth in mvp voting that year right behind him all right chris would he make this news gotta give you credit you are one of the first people long before we started this show you started talking to me about sometimes an athlete's mentality the try to just play through injuries to try to be i'm gonna be there with my teammates i'm going to be there for them that it can come back to haunt him i was like no he's going to be all right it would he decided to do in that playoff doing damage to that hip and then ultimately being traded to one the worst places if he was trying to earn a max contract and that was to cleveland lebron being there for his last year what they were trying to do i mean you were on top of it it's hard man i believe guys going lose hundred million i was like no he's not going to know chris he could he boston right now is they stay in they have to give him a max deal then he gets injured then we get the trade then we get the other trade to la and now we have the one year deal for for two million i like the fact that he's joining the good young team i like the fact that he's in the western conference too and he's joining the coach he loved the coach and sacramento that he liked mike malone who ended up getting fired he's joining him also a team that don't they're not interested in defense phase one outscore you like this i.

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