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Vitamins berry lavish I was twenty five when I was in the national guard during Convention The, five which is a sergeant at the time to believe it or. Not most of the guys in the guard was with the protesters didn't believe in the. War a lot of got into the national guard to get out of the, army to be honest with you He's going to be problems With a truck three privates to go back to the Broadway street army. And pick up some acquitted but. We, picked up several cases Twitter the truck got out to the lake shore drive and headed towards Madison street. To get to the armory Unfortunately at that time the police decided to move everybody out at grant park All started walking down lakeshore drive and then he type, of vehicle that look like whether it was an. Army, or or police, say started the taunting and then they started throwing rocks One of the rocks hit my windshield I was driving and it blew up in my face was supposed. To be bulletproof glass shatterproof glass that was a fell asleep basically put out. My, thirty two pieces of glass in my right eye and you can't take glass, out of right now I have twenty three hundred to twenty, four hundred. Vision in my right eye ironically we find out later that the boxes we picked up work words, safety goggles but we survived and the city survives I guess we're all little.

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