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Big up in a lot of stocks today while others took it on the chin because of the announcement of a second vaccine that's been found to be extremely effective for tackling corona virus. This when from dirna uses a whole different process of developing a vaccine has been found to be incredibly reliable by they're telling ninety four percent effective. The one we just heard about recently from pfizer was more than ninety percent effective. Don't remember a specific number beyond that. But what these vaccines mean is that if they are widely enough to topped it by americans and people overseas that corona virus will fade into i a nuisance and then fade into oblivion and this is enormously positive news for our lives and our health and incredibly great for the economy is moving forward to have this kind of very very positive information coming about us. Being able to tackle corona virus. The irony of it is that stocks. That are what are called. Stay at homes. They didn't like this. I mean investors in those stocks. Things that make your couch potatoes watching streaming <hes>. Various activities like working out on home gym equipment instead of going to a fitness center. Anything that was about us. Nesting the stock market is like. Yeah well that was fun while that lasted but stocks that involve people getting out and feeling comfortable to do things again. That people have been reluctant to do or have done a lot. Less of those stocks have performed very well and this is in the midst of us. Having the worst corona virus outbreak in the united states since corona virus came on the scene the number of people getting covert positive tests is extremely high. The death rate is climbing <hes>. Day by day and the number of people who are infected has gone up. The one piece of good news is that the exhausted medical personnel treating people for corona virus. No much better how to treat people. Now who do come down with it. And so the one ray of hope. Is that the number of people that will die from this. Enormous outbreak is significantly less as a ratio then died back in the spring but we do have a really rough ride straight in front of us followed by what will be continual improving picture in twenty one as the number of vaccines produced increases the numbers distributed and taken <hes> increases. It will allow us to destroy. The effect corona virus has had on us healthwise and as an economy one footnote. You may not be aware of. There's one big advantage for distribution of moderna vaccine versus the other and that is that it doesn't require extremely special handling in terms of temperature control that's required for the year early good news about a vaccine that seems to be very successful so this is good stuff moving forward. It's just we got a tough immediate picture in front of us both economically and for health.

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