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This is today explained. I'm Sean Ramos jerem whenever I start an interview. I asked my guest to tell me what they do. Just so I get it. Right because sometimes titles are long in complicated. My name is John Alterman J O N LT. Your man senior vice president Brzezinski churn global security and geo strategy and the director of the Middle East program at the center for strategic and international studies in Washington DC. Okay. Now last real questions. Are you not done? I thought Zoltan have just announcing my title, the whole thing. Okay. So so Dr ultimate there. Two major conditions to the United States withdrawal from Syria. One is not until ISIS is defeated and two is not have the Kurds are in a precarious position if they're unsafe. So I want to understand each of those a little more starting with ISIS. How exactly is ISIS doing right now? Why is this is down but not out and one of the challenges of ISIS is it's it's strong because it's always been a very adaptive organization. It's been an online ideology, it's been a fighting force. It's been a terrorist group that does onesies twosies and a bunch of lone wolves in Europe. And elsewhere. It has been a federated set of armies that operate in Tunisia, and Libya, and Egypt and Yemen and a whole bunch of other. Places. So what we talk about when we talk about ISIS is you're actually talking about a lot of things some of which rely on activities in Syria, some of which are inspired by what's happening in Syria, and some of which might only have a little bit of relationship to things in Syria. But in many ways are independently owned and operated franchises. What's really hard is determining when an idea is dead. When does ISIS lose its ability to inspire anybody in Syria to do anything, the reality is we're likely not to know that ISIS is going to be able to disrupt ISIS is going to be able to kill people in Syria for a long time to come. What is good enough is going to be in the eye of the older?.

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