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The people that are getting appointments or the most vulnerable people. Out of city councilman to Mel Atkins said. Transparency is needed through the whole setup. Meantime, some Texas lawmakers are being offered Covic shots regardless of their eligibility under state guidelines before spearheaded by the interim director of Boston Public Health out of concern that lawmakers returning to the state capital for the legislative session could make it a super spreader event to ensure the continuity of government. He organized the shots through the Austin hospital system. They're also available to key legislative staffers escort told the Dallas Morning News that he knows at least 5 to 2. Then lawmakers from both parties who were vaccinated through the process. Kim Lampkin scale I F News. A wily man is facing federal charges for his alleged involvement in this month's breach of the U. S Capitol building, According to a federal affidavit. Guy Referent asked his family members to not tell anybody who is at the Capitol riot. And told them that in his words, traitors get shot. FBI Dallas Special agent in charge Matthew Dis, Arno said A number of tips have led to several arrests in North Texas tipsters have turned in their friends, neighbors and relatives. All increasingly radicalized. Bye, inflammatory rhetoric by the way that comment, he told his family that traders get shot. He was referring to them. No. Yeah, not to himself. Right, referring to his kids ref. It is charged with obstruction and knowingly entering a restricted building or grounds without lawful authority. Well after the Martin Luther King holiday yesterday, Wall Street back open for business today. Let's check in with network radio Spencer McGowan. Morning, Spencer. Good Morning, Amy. It's a bigger next day, Netflix, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and down Was based Comerica report today. The Dow up 214 points and that's 9 30,034 Have the US equity markets gone too far too fast in the face of higher taxes and more regulation will find out West Texas intermediate crude 50 to 48 per barrel, resuming its rally I'm Spencer Macallan President McGowan Group. Net worth radio dot com Coming up on Kayla If Melania Trump says goodbye to Americans As the moving vans head for Florida That's straight ahead on Cliff notes. It's 7 10 right now throwing a virus.

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