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CJ welcher entering the ballgame for favor. What's wrong place about five minutes game Travis has been talking about CJ's work ethic and that he deserves a chance to play surprised the earliest he's been inserted in tow. Any ball game this year. See what he could do. We can really shoot it. Give it to him for you, man. Oh, inside to see you, J. Walter, the ball's knocked loose before it arrives. That's a turnover was knocked back to the free throw line picked up off the bounce. Providence defender Back out to breathe, rotated the Duke left side of the floor inside the res down. They go inside across well, and he powers it up with a right hand bank shot. Play started in left side. Just how it is with you. This side bank it off the glass. Good for 2 21 20 Xavier with one point lead free men over the basketball left side of the force to C. J. Ruptured sheet that totem Alice E. J. Walter fires streams it right through the neck. Wow, that was beautiful. Tell that so you could do me as a freshman, He was considered one of the best three point shooters in the entire class, and that's why he was a four star recruit. He's a shot, making her at least shot maker. All he needs is time J. P with the largest lead now, 4 24 to 20 Musketeers in a man to Man defense, always moving back and forth between Duke and breathe the top of the king and anticipates massive three steel taken by Nate Johnson to CJ Wilker Fires three hits another 10. My goodness you talk about coming off the bench. Impact of the ball game. A couple walls deep, beautiful three by C. J. Walter David Lee 27 20 CJ looks at a man. That's what I do. Shoot I catch and shoot a kid doing at such a high level of fitness to play in the first half years since I centers 8 27 providence, 20. We're.

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