Yemen, Obama Administration, Teresa discussed on The Business of Fashion Podcast


That are just very poor and they don't know where the next meal is coming from so it's really actually strange for the refugee to joined that group it's strange for them it strange for everybody so i wore is is the main problem and i think we have to demand of our leaders to stop it they don't know what they're getting into and you can go into each one of these iraq syria yemen libya the list goes on would you say i met with with regard to the syrian where there's been some criticism that you know the obama administration didn't intervene enough early on and off tribute to this kind of war fuelled crisis well they they intervened in it to an extent of sending weapons irresponsibly so that led to war now theoretically bashar assad to not you know he's not mother teresa but the country was safe and people were secure there has to be a better way to has to be a better way of our leaders to engage in these issues rather than regime change regime changes arbel idea doesn't work and people die the problem with our policymakers never actually see the people dying they don't deal with these people that don't see them they don't watch these children with one leg or one arm or you know whether or not they don't they don't meet the children and say you talk to them in a wise my father dead they don't they never do that right so they just send weapons so they were responsible in sending weapons beginning the process of the destabilization of of syria so when people say they didn't do enough i think they they they did too much or whatever they were doing.

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