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On. The waterfront is a great great movie but Johnny Deals Real Life was even more nefarious than Hollywood could depict. In nineteen fifty five Hafa help bring a number of of new york-based teamster locals into the Union and those locals were chartered by Johnny deal. These were shady outfits known as paper locals. Typically there were no actual workers just friends family and often criminal associates of deal. Paper locals were often used for extortion. Abortion fraud bribes or to keep a real union locked out of a business in the case of the deal locals they were also allegedly used to swing votes in a critical teamster election toward a union. Rally Back Jimmy Hoffa HOFFA's ties to do attracted a lot of unwanted attention especially after what happened to a Labor journalist late one night in the spring of Nineteen fifty six and he says I was attacked because of the racketeers because of my crusading efforts arts center and they won't stop me. You know they can. They can blind me but I can still go after them with my typewriter that attack which will get into in the next episode galvanized the Senate and a young hungry. Bobby Kennedy go after Hoffa and the teamsters in a big way the Jimmy Hoffa ever talk about the Kennedys. Talk about Bobby Kennedy. He spoke about Bobby Kennedy all the time with great hate. He thought he came from a very bad family and he was raised where everything he's thought with right and they went way beyond politics coming up in the next episode sort of shattered the Kennedy Hop bloodfeud nothing. Admitting I don't perform any of them I don't the top of the international dooming. Shattered is produced an edited by Jeremy Allen. Anzac Rosa to help support this show which took US months and months to may become a member of shattered plus. It's just three ninety nine a month or twenty five dollars for the year here. How you're going to beat that? Go to our website shattered. PODCAST DOT COM click on the shattered plus link. You'll get access to bonus interviews like the one we we did this week with Marvin the Weasel Elkin. The Story Marvin tells about being threatened by gangster. Meyer Lansky is worth the price of admission by itself in the the Jewish language. There's a saying called. Cut Ish it saying for the departed. He says if you don't get knocked out in the first four. Have somebody say kite headache for. You are becoming shattered plus member. You also get access to this season's episodes without ads. Thanks we'll talk to you next time.

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