A new story from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition


Don't believe in keeping kids in cages. In fact maybe this cat should be in charge of the immigration policy. Instead of people who think it's okay to thousands of kids. Roy Moore Roy lightweight. Roy Roy I know this is important and we talk about immigration all the time but I thought we just for this moment sunshine. We're good sparkling wing. We have a good time. And if you want a good time trevor you want some sunshine. This last story is unbearably cute. It's about a bad here but first we have deputy come to the rescue when a bear gets himself stuck in a pretty tight spot near Lake. Tahoe take a look at this is a four hundred pound bear there. He is well known. Apparently to local sheriffs and the deputies there they even have a nickname for him and his t shirt because of the white spot on his chest and they say they have too often improvise when dealing with bears doing what they can to keep them in everyone around them safe. I mean that would be quite startling there now. Well deputies have to get close. Sometimes they do warn people not to get too close to those damn a giant bear in a dumpster. That is both the Larry's Anna very common. Search on point hub. It also means doing chores in this town has got to be extremely dangerous. Can you take out the trash. What trying to get me killed woman to take the life? I know what you're trying to do. Ain't taking no damn trash. It also Kudos to the police officers for approaching this bear calmly and de escalating. The situation I just wished black people in America with getting the same I got a wonderful boy. Wonderful.

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