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Country go has a direct shot through oklahoma yet. It does bob wills. And the texas playboys. The guy's got big by going to tulsa take me back to tulsa. I mean it is. It is straight up oklahoma. Yeah a merle. Haggard is is an oklahoma guy you know. He is known for oddly enough. A pothead has okie from muskogee where we don't smoke dope and marijuana you do but this this train movement from the guys who got sick of the nashville catch and that's where those guys took off west and some of them stopped and oklahoma and some of them came into texas willie and waylon and those guys but really oklahoma has its roots in all of this western movement. Sure country music right sure. What two things to that point. I would say that you know we a long time ago when y'all were probably in your forties or so the usa call country music country and western and now they don't anymore country western thing. You know country. Music from nashville. It took a left turn and a lot of these cats just kept going straight and doing the same thing they'd always done and that's one of the reasons i think turnpike is is so demonstrative of this is because it's western like it's not just country and red dirt like there's a lot of western theme to but if you look around the country you guys like todd snider in tyler children's turtles simpson. They're not doing anything whole lot. Different than the red dirt or texas and oklahoma boys are doing and gals. But they're just they're still doing their own thing. It just sounds a little bit different. Because they're doing it where they are. Yeah sure wherever they are is not really the establishment in nashville nashville country. Kinda turn into. I don't know what you call this is to me. This is like the like the glam rock. The cock rock stuff in the eighties. Where all you had to do is dressed the same. Yeah and you're in the jonah. All the nashville guys. I have to do is put some boots on and get a hat and automatically your country well in this whole using pop stuff tractor rep move where the twain and it is just like what are you talking about. Man on swanson is the dude from parks recreation and one of his funny little lines. I hate to things lying and skim milk water. that's lying. that's how. I feel about a lot of quote unquote country music. These days is that its music. That's lying about being and there's nothing kind of i'll make a point on that for michael's talking we started like what we are what i specifically hate about country. Music is everything we just talked about. This stuff. Out of nashville. Just a waste of time in. What's funny about national music. Is it sells. you know it sells and it's it's meant for the dome masses show poison sold millions of albums again. Exactly yeah i mean at some point. dan. I know that you probably weren't more at this time. It back in the eighties. There was a time when the most masculine men all look like women and i reverse age jokes. Don't work as well as the old age trying to establish. I know but one time what we consider to be like a real man was guy whose hair was teased out. Robing like david coverdale fantastic era believable man you to spend a lot of time on your on your art shadow. But that's kind of the way. I look at nashville country. Now you know it's it's all it's all image all no substance. Yeah all market appeal and really just making a list of all the stuff that makes you country like okay. So we got grandma. Sweet tea in r- on the front porch and so one of us has chiggers in there. Were a hunting or a catfish. And the real girl who's a country girl likes to do noodling for catfish. You know that kind of stuff mentioned a truck you got to mention. Yeah shrug but you know what that goes back to today. Alan co because you know. State steve goodwin in the greatest country. Mama gone out of prison. But he's making a list and that's kind of a character of this but I think that rid country music is is legit a biopic of the way we live. We live in a small town. If you walk out just throw rock out there. You gonna hit somebody that lives a lot of the stuff that you hear in rid country music. It seemed legit to me. How sure it's rural without telling people day your rural yeah you know it is and some of the songs and tower children's another great example but some of these songs here are sort of a commentary on the issues that affect us now in a life that we live. But they're not they're not talking about an ef two fifteen -sarily but you know that that these are who these people are and it's authentic and that's what you're not getting out of the authenticity these means that they don't have to mention it all the time. Well so we mentioned jerry. Jeff walker the great jerry jeff walker from new york new jersey mccain aggie. They're not doing it for the people at home. They've given for the people we're doing for you mentioned bob shoulders he was still water guy stillwater. Oklahoma state university in stillwater seems to be kind of where a lot of this like melting pot came together. An eskimo joe's and all these guys just kinda playing. How about a guy. Like ray wylie hubbard so funny story. My i think my grandma. My granddad drove a bus for a little bit in the late seventies country that is entry now it's countries guess who and what's even better than that is. He was like no one for the school or he just drove a bus. Y- just a wild unsavory life at one point. And then he sobered up and then became a baptist preacher at some point. That's a song waiting to happen. I i'm i'm here for granddaddies bus. Yeah but he drove a bus for jerry jeff walker okay for a little bit and dove mcclinton for while now denver mcleod minded by the way. There's a book i when i was too. Well there's a book pratt's by the way. Sauna walked in about hillary clinton at the music selection of books by the way. We're kinda right here in front of the texas history section but just down the way there And david have some incredible music history books. They've got some on display area. There's a book on the telecaster there. Yes and we'll pick up. We'll be talking about the castro and by the way if you're trying to find the selection of books there's helpfully assign over at this as music so james mcmurtry mentioned yes roots right here in our part of the world. Because his dad he's from archer city texas and that's where the last picture show was was filmed. They called aniline in the movie. But that's about archer city. Entering was a small just like a little outcropping of folks between gargle in order city. So that's where they came from. But james james is one of the greatest songwriters what am.

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