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So so good. Yeah head-scratching a real number one Commons real good team. Now I kind of assumed own goes without like I mean as I know. That's the standard. That's a feel right. Would you categorize categorize that as a feel. Yeah for sure. Yeah it's just contain. It's like it's like it's great. It's not a site. It's not your favorite thing to see so. I don't know that I'm doing if I see how about this 'cause and I'm gonNA I might Choi. I'll tell you my choices argument made but I WANNA know your guys is choice if you had sold US between gene we're GONNA blow. We're so going blue here to choose them and we're going to go blue okay. I'll go mad at all. These medical terms ain't Finan- you Christmas early in the background man. This is the future if you had a choice between never her having an orgasm ever again or gives them or never having the feeling of having a nice head scratch ever again will. Would you choose over who I would keep the orgasm difficult. That's why I think it wins over. Feel best what I'm saying. It's the common denominator it gets. I having field. There's no reason to her. Yeah because everyone I would say everyone. Yeah I don't know guys that might be on the other side of scratches more because there's so much about the US medical term share The the process of Fuckin-. Where's the where's the Fuck uh-huh that's enjoyable that Yeah I head scratchers so nice and so long and it's another way of Being close with somebody you can get me through a bad day. You're Joe you're what you're talking about is the feeling of being nurtured. Is that really what it is or is it just an eye or is it just. It just feels real frigging good. I think that you enjoy. I think there's a feeling to both being nurtured. And there's a feeling of being totally free and both of those things are not a Necessarily this I think maybe but I also it's just an area of your audio stimulated what I said. It's the only way to think about it. Okay well thank you for watching the valley cast by all right. What's the next feel or next shot? What have we got left Syria ring what's your favorite sound waves. Waves I'm a big. I'm a big loser. You're a big old. Motivation is.

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