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I know nothing else and with all my life my high school sweetheart best friend so when she needed surgery to treat ovarian cancer he wanted nothing more than to be by your side everything went well or it could be in the hospital there I understand that I respect that during the call that nineteen it's not unusual hi it was difficult no matter what what your spouses in the hospital you want to be with your spouse Lisa was still in the hospital on her birthday when they got some news for two days I can't be there so I'm going to send her a little Instagram Happy Birthday and I get a call at twelve fifty two AM something has gone wrong they're putting their fax numbers you surgery locally the surgery went well Jim works in construction he had an idea and access to a scissor lift birthday like I have done and should have recorded your all your last forty years yeah dot on there Monday morning we load up the trucks equipment the heart absolute best there are no construction barricades will just shut down the street like a construction crew and staff thank you are you got that's all I wanted want to see just kind of be what they're on a birthday party but it was five minutes or thirty minutes with the help of some nurses including Dorothy Alexander and some of his colleagues he pulled it off but she made it down to the Roman next you know we see the left is going up and nobody expected it to come see themselves they start singing Happy Birthday to her and I was like can I please record the the grand gesture put smiles on everyone's faces she's crying and I'm crying and I'm it felt like it was for me tears of joy that I was able to wish you Happy Birthday to your face to face meeting every birthday two hours all I wanted to do and we get it we were successful and she loved it I loved it it was what I needed watching we're proud to call Jim tally this week scare L. D. difference maker structured company you have the equipment to do it made it easier you know I think it's something that show your member forever our members wherever it was you know I mean I love my CZ series news radio ten eighty KRLD the way Lisa Tallink she begins chemo on Monday if you know someone who is making a difference.

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